Guys and gals, I bid you all welcome! This will be the main page for my WebNovel ‘The God of Lyn’ where I’ll be posting most of the information as well as the glossary (chapters, levels, places etc.) as the story progresses. Thank you all for visiting and I hope you enjoyed reading ‘The God of Lyn’.

Summary: Eon Wray, a nineteen year old college dropout, who all peers consider ‘complete asshole’, has decided to buy the newest VRMMORPG game called The Gods of Lyn in hopes he would kill his boredom of everyday life. After creating his virtual character, he realizes something is awry when his body suddenly starts aching. He comes to near a Dusk Village, and realizes that all sensations of the real world are present here as well, despite it not being one of the game’s features, leading him to believe that he might have been transported somehow into a replica of the game world. Because of the race he chose, Fallen, all people in the village kneel to him as he enters and he proclaims himself the ruler of the village, with ambition to eventually become the ruler of the entire world. All conquerors must start somewhere, after all.

Genere: Action, Comedy, Parallel Worlds, Romance, Fantasy, VRMMORPG

You can read the entire story in a more structured format at my RoyalRoadL fiction page by clicking here.


Chapter 0 – Prologue

Chapter 1 -The Winged Beckons

Chapter 2 – Thans

Chapter 3 – Dusk Over the Plains

Chapter 4 – The Radiance (I)

Chapter 5 – The Radiance (II)

Chapter 6 – The Radiance (III)

Chapter 7 – The Radiance (IV)

Chapter 8 – The Radiance (V)

Chapter 9 – The Radiance (VI)

Chapter X – The Radiance (VI – Finale)

Chapter XI – Harrowed Signs

Chapter XII – The Cursed



– Low Beasts – lowest of aquatic and land forms

– Mortal Beasts – most of the domesticated animals and majority of well-known wild ones (dogs, wolves, lions etc. without any mutations)

– Deviants – creatures that have grown in strength by changing or growing an additional part, but cannot be considered mutated (lion growing a horn, wolf growing a third eye etc.)

– Mutants – Mortal Beasts that had undergone a full-body mutation and survived it

– High Beasts (mutations apply) – all beasts that had lived longer than a thousand years

– Eon-Aged Beasts – all beasts that had lived longer than ten thousand years

– Ancients – all beasts that either: have lived longer than five hundred thousand years / have Ancient Bloodline

– Ancient Void Beasts – all beasts that had grown a Void + ‘Ancients’ requirements

– Heavenly Beasts – all beasts that had established a bond with Heavens and are given a second Soul 

– Celestial Beasts – all beasts who had shed their mortal bodies and ascended into spiritual form

– Celestial Domain Beasts – all Celestial Beasts who had established ‘Celestial Domain’

– Primordial Beasts – head/leader of the beast’s race (Primordial Dragon, etc.)


– Base Class –

– Advanced Class –

– Legendary Class – (the highest ordinary members of Low Races can reach)

– Void Class – (the highest ordinary members of High Races can reach)

– Genesis Soul –

– Awakening – (the highest important members of Low Races can reach)

– Earthly Bond – (the highest important members of High Races can reach)

– Heaven’s / Damned’s Sea – it is chosen based on the amount of Favor you have with either of the two

– Celestial Entity – shedding off the mortal skin; first ascension towards the ‘Immortality’ among the Mortal Races

~More ranks will be added to the glossary as the story and terms expand~


– Low Races – Races with the lowest individual potential (Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Gnomes, etc.)

– High Races – Races with rich history and high affinity with natural elements (Demons, High Elves, Fiends, Cyeons, etc.)

– Ancient Races – Races with Ancient Bloodline, formed at the same time as the entire Realm of Lyn (Demigods, Deities, Fairies, etc.)

~Races will be expanded upon and explained more through the story as they appear~


– ‘Primordial Law’ – a form of a ‘Law’ created upon the fusion of Order and Chaos; breaking it leads to massive consequences. It covers all facets of all realms and all worlds and all of Creation and Creators

– Heavens – isolated realm reserved for revered and powerful individuals that rule over other realms; one can join the ranks only after becoming ‘Primordial Child’

– Damned – the counterpart of Heavens; in eternal war as either side is unable to establish absolute dominance over the other

– Advancements – refers to selective upgrades of powers during the Mortal Rise (gaining strength as a pure Mortal); lasts up to the ‘Celestial Entity’

– Void – refers to the specific type of a vortex within one’s Soul; the Void creates internal domain where the element of the Void can be stored indefinitely (Fire Void, Ice Void, Ethereal Void etc.)

– Genesis Soul – refers to the ‘Fallen Souls of Heavens’; as the members of the Heaven’s forces are destroyed, their Souls sometimes fall down to the Mortal Realms. Acquiring one means gaining ‘Genesis Soul’; ‘Genesis Soul’ can also be fabricated, although the process is much longer and far more dangerous

– Soul – refers to the internal power that fuels every living being, from beasts to people. Can be divided and multiplied, as to ensure several lifetimes; doing so breaks one of the pillars, making one unable to pass the ‘Eternal Rites’, hence being unable to join the Cycle of Reincarnation

– ‘Eternal Rites’ – refers to the short passage between death and life; a dead soul goes through the cleansing before joining the Cycle

– Life Force – external type of the ‘Soul’; ‘Life Force’ refers to the amount of ‘Soul’ one has left (how many years of life, etc.), but is also tightly knit with one’s strength, especially if the focus is on Magic, as Magic consumes one’s ‘Life Force’ (often interpreted as Mana within the world)

– Primordial Domain – home of all the creatures who’ve ascended to the ‘Primordial Ranks’; as to not meddle with the affairs of Mortals, they are all sent into an isolated domain to battle against one another

~Glossary of terms will be updated as the story progresses~


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