The Walking Dead (2010–) TV Series

Back when the TV show firstly aired, in 2010, I myself, like many others, were impressed that we finally have a zombie TV show. It was decent; solid plot, nice acting, we had a black, cool man … and the hope was there that the show will get great.

Yeah, it got great: great in dumping shit on my brain. By the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2, I wanted to kill writers with the spoon just to show them how much it hurt me when I saw the first three episodes of the 2nd season. Although we had that revelation that was impressive: black dude went where no other black dude went: into the second season (and, alas, at the third which I hope will never air). The show’s stupidity was such that even those kids in kindergarten that can barely say “I love you guys” could write better lines with their tongue. They took everything that was good in the show, rewrote it and made it probably the worse 2nd season in history of the shows. I actually liked Glee’s 2nd season better than 2nd season of this shit. And I hate myself for that. You assholes made me hate myself!

The only way writers could keep story ongoing was the same: make Carl do something stupid and get everyone in the trouble. For God’s sake, how the hell’s that kid still alive? My cousin’s 3 months old son would have better chance of survival than that kid. Going on, Dale and Shane. They ruined two best characters in the series so badly that I didn’t want them only dead, I wanted them spanning in the mid air while the aliens are shitting on them. You probably realized that I like shitting on stuff with shit. Well, I like shit. It can be perfect metaphor for almost everything: good, bad, retarded, genius and shit. Moving back onto the show. They bring few new characters and our dear Asian dude finally gets laid: WHOAAAAAA! Probably the greatest moment of 2nd season.

Now we come to Lorri … oh, there’s so much to tell about Lorri. Calling her retarded, amazingly dumb, horrible mother just doesn’t seem enough. And, on the top of everything, she’s not even hot! Her one eye gazes in my pans while the other gazes in Shane’s buthole. If she was my mother by any case in apocalyptic world, I’d trade her for a zombie. I swear to the God that the Zombie would’ve been a better companion than her.

Moving onto Dale … great character from the first season; wise on his own way, peaceful and clear-headed turned into the dumbest character in season 2. Hats off dude: you created your name and then shat on it so badly that I’d be ashamed to ever go on screen again. His moral speech was a insult for a crap, as one of my movie friends would say. They’re in the post-apocalyptic world where no one gives a shit about anyone but his own and he starts preaching about humbleness, humanity, morale … OH GOD JUST KILL ME!

We’ve come on Andrea. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dumb blonde bitch … what’s else left to say? She got banged by the Shane though. Still didn’t rise her reputation.

T-Dog is T-dog. ’nuff said.

Daryl – probably the only bright spot in this entire charade. The only way they’ll ever dug this show out of layers of crapping shit is if they give him the lead role.

And here comes our star Rick, the current lead of the show. I never liked this guy. He overacts, he classifies everything as dumb choice but his, he’s ugly, boring, joke-less and he has ugly wife. Just cut him off or give him two lines per episode but, for God’s sake, don’t put him in the lead. This guy just can’t carry even the crappy show.

Closing words? Are they actually needed? As my good friend Phineas would answer on the question “Are you qualified to actually write this crap?”, I answer “Yes! Yes I am.”

I suggest you only this: go watch Phineas and Ferb. It’s far more intelligent show, far more funnier show and above all it’s not filled with constant family/friendly drama that just suck the life out of ‘ya. Cheers with few funny pictures evolving around this show.

True story. All of ’em.


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