Top 30 Movies by IMDB users – List from 30 to 20.

What’s up guys? Same here … nothing … nothing … and more nothing.

It’s my third post in a row. I’m really trying to pump blood into this blog, am I right?

Anyway, here’s the list of TOP 30 MOVIES BY IMDB USERS that I’ll go through afterwards.



We’ll start by number 30. – It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

I’m actually a big fan of the first stages of movies (Citizen Kane, M, Modern Times, Double Indemnity  and so on), and It’s a Wonderful Life is a part of that “last generation of the beginning”. I firstly saw this film when mom played it on DVD when I was like 8 or 9. As any kid, I thought it was a loads of crap even though I secretly really liked it. “It’s a wonderful life” is a wonderful story about life, drama, choices and willingness. It’s one of the classics that just won’t be fazed out by the time.

29. Psycho

Believe it or not, this was the first horror movie I’ve ever seen. Truth to be told, I wasn’t that scared. This movie is probably one of the reasons Horror genre developed lately in 70’s and 80’s as such as it did. It’s a thrilling story and only one of the few horror-like movies that has this good rating. Without a doubt it deserves it. However, later sequel, Psycho II actually put a blackening shame on the first part. Shame, really.

28. Se7en

What can you say about Se7en? Do the names that empower the roles say enough? Brad Pit, Morgan Freeman? Yes, they do. Se7en is one of my favorite mysteries ever and I have this rule that every 7 months I need to watch it again. If you didn’t get it, it’s a symbolic for 7 deadly sins or the name of the movie “Se7en”. Glad we cleared that up, huh …

27. Forrest Gump

Ah, good old Forrest Gump. I firstly watched it back in the late 90’s and liked it so much that I wore the same shorts as Forrest for like three months. People thought I went places Forrest was. Thankfully, I wasn’t. For me it’s a classic even thought it’s rather younger comparing to the other classics, but still … it’s Forrest Gump guys.


26. The Usual Suspects

Another great mystery movie that I really enjoyed. As the fortunate tells, or the “un” one, I firstly saw this movie back in the 2010. I was really disappointed that I hadn’t seen it earlier. Great movie which plot will probably blow your mind.


25. The Lord of the Rings: The Two towers.

I don’t need to speak much about this movie. It was based on the book by one of the greatest writer of all times and it had to be good. And it was. Far more than good. Far more than best in the genre.


24. The silence of the lambs

I fell in love with this movie on the first watch. It aroused me; I was always a “fan” of serial killers and to see one in action that’s so thrilling, enraging and growing whilst creating plot that actually makes sense … it’s just the top notch of a serial-killer horrors without doubt.


23. Riders of the Lost Ark

I, unfortunately, hadn’t seen this movie yet. As soon as I get a chance to see it, I’ll write few words about it here.


22. Rear Window

Starring one of my favorite actor, James Stewart, I knew this had to be a good movie: and it was. It has a great story, great value and as far as I’m concerned: it’s a classic.

21. Once Upon a Time in the West

Once Upon a Time in the West is, without any doubt, the best western movie in the world. Ever. Forever. Not even that gay story about two cowboys kissing and chilling can top off this masterpiece. The image this movie has portrayed about Western movies is almost ruined by all this newborn crap. It’s another shame really.


20. The Matrix


Well … there’s no need to actually write anything about this movie. Everyone has seen it. 90% had loved it. It was revolutionary back in the days. It was amazing. It still is. The worse thing about this movie are his sequels: the worst disappointment of 21st century alongside gaming scene, pop music and Twilight, The Book about sparkling vampire. Aloha.



That’s it for now guys. I’ll continue my list when I get some times. I hope you enjoyed it even though it ain’t much. Neither is my willingness right now to write. So … bye-bye.


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