The Avengers – revolutionary film or not?

I had an obvious chance to see The Avengers premiere in 3D and to be amazed with superb 3D effects. Yeah, right.

Story seemed fine; they swarmed nice group of talented stars and created one definitely good movie. But, now, is it something people will talk about for the years and years after its release? Nope. Not by a long shot.

First and major flaw in the movie: there’s absolutely NO death on the screen. I mean, c’mon, seriously? It’s a alien invasion and they’re destroying everything that comes in their way but, somehow, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN THAT WALKS THE STREETS OR WORKS IN OFFICE SURVIVES! And, besides, the action was happening in America; I haven’t seen even ONE fatty the whole movie. Now … that’s just irrational.

The Avengers is far from being revolutionary – just as Avatar; they’re just CGI blockbusters that will be cleansed out of our memory within few months. Most of the people loved movie: they worshiped it. But, why wouldn’t they? I mean, it has everything today’s audience requires for a movie to have: superheroes, hot chicks, that silly humor, lots of action … yeah; not fulfilling enough.

I enjoyed the movie, no lies, but not on that level that it blew my mind; not in that level that I sat in my room for three hours thinking “What now?” – I enjoyed it on a level that I laughed a bit, left a theater and went on coffee with my friends to talk about chicks and games.

Don’t bash me or hate me. Just kidding; do whatever the fuck you want, but this movie doesn’t deserve even 8 rating, let alone that it has 8.7 at IMDB. It’s funny really; movies like Fountain, Pi, Requiem for a Dream or “put any artistic movie title in here” can barely have 7-8 of the rating. But, I guess it’s just how our psychics work. I’m part of it; I just learned to numb that numbed side of me and try to enjoy in something else.

Cheers ’till the next post.


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