Ugly Americans – pride or disgust of the TV?

Most of you, probably, didn’t hear about Ugly Americans. It’s a small TV show that’s not made for masses.

“Take New York City, add every horrifying beast, science-fiction freak, and fantasy faerie, shake thoroughly, and you’ve got Ugly Americans. ” – the best description they can put.


Ugly Americans is basically a satiric show which doesn’t really evolve over the course of episodes; it rather has its own plot which is connecting but it’s not center of the story. It’s funny, it’s sarcastic, it’s insulting and, by times, it’s really disturbing. However, this show is amazing: yes, I said it – this show isn’t shit unless shit means amazing. Again, this show is not for everyone. Those with tighten minds should stay away; the show “resolves” the issue of the Hell, Earth and Heaven and the very apocalypse. It vividly represents everything that’s humanity today: greedy, dumb, devolving, ashamed … they put one human character as the lead just to show that adjective of the humans: we must be in the center of everything!  When I came across this show (by the word of my friend), I thought it would be just another South Park/Simpsons/Family guy type of the show. Basically – it’s nothing like it. It has its own twists, its own parodies, its own humor and its own world. The usage of the “sickness rate” can sometimes go over the boundaries of reasonable, but it’s just another tool to accomplish that very idea of the show.

I’ve read this review in my local newspaper that the show is “degrading, inhuman, stupid and sick” – I burnt those newspapers, took a long crap over them and then fed the lions with it. This IS what’s wrong with the world today – and the Ugly Americans portray it very well.

They even make female kind look real: take the care (if you’re going to watch the show) for the “Shedding” scene a.k.a PMS where creators portray women really well only without unstoppable sex; rather with unstoppable whining.

All jokes aside, the show is great. But, as I’ve said billion fucking times before, it’s not for everyone. Keep your watch if you’re going to watch this show: it CAN change you.


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