DotA 2 – The fuck is that? –

Hi guys and welcome to another bashing and insulting review. This time I’ll be covering up DotA 2 which is shorten for “Does original tastes awesome – 2nd doesn’t”

DotA 2 is everything original DotA isn’t: it’s overpolished, it has really bad mechanics, games take up a lot of time to finish and so on. Even the improvement in every graphical aspect of the original can’t come up with that. So, when I firstly got my beta access for DotA 2, I was thrilled. Everyone was glorifying game like it was something to look upon for the future. I started my first game … well, not exactly. Firstly, I had to wait for TEN FUCKING MINUTES – TEN FUCKING MINUTES before I was thrown into the game. There’s this tool called “Search range” – it started in Europe and finished over there in Japan and China. I mean, seriously? You’re gonna throw me against ASIAN people which are like gods in gaming. However, I lived it ’cause I was really looking forward to playing the actual game. I took my favorite hero from the original, Pudge, and hoped that I’ll pwn with him. Yeah, I pwned. I pwned my ass off in dying like three times within first ten minutes. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get used to the game so quickly. Not because it’s not noob-friendly; I actually love that. It’s just because EVERY SINGLE ASPECT THAT WAS AWESOME IN THE FIRST PART WAS THROWN OUT IN THE REMAKE. Still, last hitting and denying – they surely enough eased that up.

I really liked the idea of Valve making DotA 2 because it’s one of my favorite gaming companies. But … they failed by a long shot. The game won’t come even close to the nowadays most popular game in her genre – League of Legends. Don’t get me wrong; League of Legends ain’t nothing special, but at least they cowered few flaws and made few really nice adjustments in revival. DotA 2 brings hell of a anointment, it’s filled with newbies and leavers, the graphic aspect is way too polished for this type of game and the simplicity that original DotA had is lost. DotA was challenging but also fun. DotA 2 is neither one of those things.

Good thing, though, is that it’s gonna be free. Hell for sure I wouldn’t pay a single buck to play a game like this.



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