The level of stupidity so high that even God’s facepalm just doesn’t seem enough – The story of a Lost BOX

I could write about games, movies, books and songs … and all the other shit that comes along. But, today, I want to dedicate these few minutes to one of my friends: I won’t name her … seriously, I won’t. Let’s just say that we’re calling her Amina.

Amina is 17 years old; she’s a teenage girl like any other with boobs coming along the way, ass spreading like a freekin’ pancakes and with her own virginity problems. Still, that’s the least of her problems … for instance, she’s really dumb. I don’t mean doesn’t have a good grades dumb; she’s actually a solid student – intelligence dumb. I won’t say in which high school we’re going because it would make you stop reading this shit if it already didn’t. So, we’re out on the field, measuring things and shit, and she’s in my group. I was like “Okay … there’s three hours to mess around with her.” – and I was really looking forward to it.

But, before we proceed to the part where her stupidity overreaches God’s facepalm, I wanna say what happened around a month ago. So, my class, not including me and few others, went on this trip through Europe as somehow reward for all the “Aces” they’ve been getting. So, they’re in Venice – a beautiful city with so many things to see that you just don’t know where to start. They were at this central park or something like that (where all the shit happens), and they got two hours to explore it. There were few streets that lead out of the park, but there’s a BIG YELLOW SIGN WHICH SHOWS EXACTLY WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT PARK ON EVERY CORNER OF EVERY FUCKING STREET. So, naturally, she and her two friends left exploring the vastness of the universe called Venice. Hey, guess what? THEY FUCKING LOST. I mean … seriously? How dumb can you actually be to lose in the middle of the city with a BIG YELLOW SIGN WHICH SHOWS EXACTLY WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT PARK ON EVERY CORNER OF EVERY FUCKING STREET. Can you believe that shit?

Now back to the present. So, she was carrying this box where instrument was supposed to go. Through entire practice, she never carried it – we knew she couldn’t be trusted with such a value thing. Still, somehow, by God’s or holy Satan’s work, it got into her fucking hands. After we finished one part of the job, we went to the next part; yet, guess what, SHE FORGOT THE FUCKING BOX. YOU DUMB, STUPID, IDIOTIC, EXTERNAL, GRACIOUS DAUGHTER OF ENDLESS STUPIDITY, YOU HAVE ONLY ONE FUCKING ASSIGNMENT – TO CARRY THE GOD DAMN, ORANGE FUCKING BOX.  So, naturally, we finished the job, and we asked her “WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT ORANGE THING CALLED BOX OF THE INSTRUMENT?” – she said she left it behind and went to search for it. I can’t even begin to comprehend stupidity and dumbness of her action because, even my stupidity, sickness and humor can’t, altogether, come EVEN CLOSE TO MATCH UP WITH HERS. It turns out, our professor found it, sitting in the middle of grass, unattended, and took it and hid it to punish us for our mistake – mistake of letting dumb, self-absorbed woman carry the box.

Now, if you ever read this, I just want you to know – no hard feelings. But, I also want you to know this: IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU ATTEND INTO THE SCHOOL WHICH REQUIRES ALL THE FUCKS OF RESPONSIBILITY YOU CAN GIVE.

I think I just earned my place in hell. See you down there guys.


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