How I met your Mother – How I wanted I crap on this show for 4 years straight now

Hello girls and everyone else. For the last 7 years, we’ve witnessed the uprising of the show called “How I met your Mother” – now, you would think that dad can tell the freekin’ story within few hours, but hell no. As it seems, to tell your children how you met their mom it takes whole 7 years and one more year for sure.


When it comes to the show, I liked first 2 (maybe 3rd too) seasons, but from that on, the show went to crap and even deeper. The concept of the show wasn’t even that original besides the title. The story of how he met their mom is like shadowed in the entire concept of “how much girls your uncle Barney and I banged before I met your mom”. The show, from season 4, went deeper and deeper into the despair until the climax of 7th season, which by the way, everyone saw coming, when it hit its deepest (I hope). I hope, also, that the 8th season will be the final one because, and I will be honest with this, if they prolong the series to the 9th season, I’ll personally contact God and beg him to take all the crap I ever dumped in my life and throw it over the studio and the actors.


I’ll now start with describing humility of stupidity of all the characters in the show.


Ted – Hey, Ted is a sweet guy in a search for his love. Oh wait, he isn’t! I’ve never met a character in my entire life from the fictional shows that I wanted dead. Not even that dumb chick from “The Walking Dead”, no. Ted’s character is so annoying, boring, and dull, that you just wanna shit all over your TV in order to satisfy yourself for watching the TV shows. Now, many of you wonder why I would even bother watching the show that I hate. Well, then, I wouldn’t be able to make a good perspective when I’m bashing it, right? Now, back to the character. Do you have that one person in your life that annoys the crap out of you but you’re afraid to tell him/her because you may lose friendship with someone else? Yeah, me neither! If someone annoys me, I tell him/her. I don’t give a crap if my entire family abandons me, if I don’t wanna hear your voice or see your face, I’ll tell you that. That is Ted to me.


Robin – The only upside of Robin character is that she’s kind a hot. All that Canadian crap just gives another level of crapness to her entire boreness of character. I seriously think that the writers were on crap or something when they were writing these characters. The only thing Robin brings into the group is those few jokes on Canada account – they aren’t even funny! Everything in this show is overused, seen before or just plainly dumb. I mean, when you watch Robin character, there’s more love drama than in freekin’ When Harry met Sally. And that one’s hard to top off. Her humping from Ted to Barney, forth and back, just makes her look like a freekin’ whore. That pattern 99% of the shows nowadays how when three main characters form that love triangle is just retarded guys. RETARDED! No one wants to hear moaning of a girl when she breaks up with a guy she never wanted to date. If you’re creating a sitcom, or any sorts of comedy, I don’t watch it because of drama-queen moments – I watch it to laugh. Seriously, learn.


Lilly and Marshal – now, reason why I put these two together is simple: they are one. I mean, these guys can’t take a dump if one isn’t dumping at the same time in the same toilet. I reconcile that the writers wanted to create that “perfect” couple everyone would wanna be. I’m seriously telling you: you don’t wanna be them. That’s one of the worse couples I’ve had a chance to meet in my entire life (Whether on TV shows, movies, books or in personal life). There’s absolutely nothing interesting about them. They’re not funny, they’re not eye-catchy, they’re not interesting … it would be like staring into the nocturnal abyss for all the freekin’ eternity. Now, no one wants that. I can’t even write anymore about them because there’s nothing to write. Bottom line is: the most boring two people you can meet.


Barney – Now, I liked this character. Kind a. I actually didn’t that much, but he was the only character that kind a “imposed” the group. Barney is far from being original. You have like billions of examples of womanizer type who lives only to please him and him only in the movies, TV shows, games, books and even music. But still, it was refreshing to see one in such a retarded show. Still, as the 4th season appeared, even this character went retarded. When you see these other show with womanizing type (Hype: Friends (Joey), Two and a half men (Charlie) and so on), you don’t see them falling desperately for one girl and sticking it out until the end of the show. Sure, there’s Joey/Rachel and Charlie/Chelsea, but at least they made it fun. That “bond” between Robin and Barney is so retarded and dull that it almost makes them as boring as Lilly and Marshal. The character went from “kind a good” to unbearable to watch. I mean seriously … could they write it any worse? I don’t think so!


That would sum it up of what I think about this show. If you wanna rage on me and call me inequitable junk, joy on it! I don’t give a single fuck.


So long until the next bashing time!


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