Overall state of shitballs that we are sold today

Buenos dias muchachos!

Now, I’m not quite a sure that I spelled that right but, since I’m not Spanish, I hope you can forgive me. Today, we’ll be discussing overall the stage of moviemaking, game industry, and music industry and book writers. Actually, we won’t be discussing; I will.

Now, I’ll cover moviemaking first. I’ve been blogging about movies nowadays a lot (not a lot actually, but enough) for you to understand how I “feel” about it. Movies, once, meant something. They were the way for people to express how they feel about some topic, to share a story with the rest of the world, to teach something new to those who want to learn. And that was the main idea: to entertain people, to make them laugh or to make them sad. Now, it was a good idea; it was revolutionary idea. And, by years, that idea developed, making much different movies than the originals. Now, most of you remember that famous quote “I love you” “Thank you” from an old classic (I won’t spoil the magic of telling you which one is; watch them, and learn) and that was funny. Ideas were original, worth of your time … but the age progressed. The stupidity of the people griped a hold onto the moviemaking industry too. It became corporate, money-sucking machine that was named “Hollywood”. Now, once in a while, we see a good movie from Hollywood. Sort a. But that “once in a while” seems rather empty, doesn’t it?

Approximately, throughout one entire year, we receive around 9-13 blockbusters (For instance, in this year, we got “Avengers”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Hobbits”, “Underworld: Awakening” and so on) but very few of them fill up to the expectations. Avengers and Underworld: Awakening already failed to deliver somewhat that “good cinema experience”. With the drop of intelligence quality, average, in America, so did the intelligence of the movies made. You are well aware that most of the movies made today are product of America – and I don’t like it. I don’t like it a bit. Not that American nation is stupid, but that it’s so stupid that it makes me cry. My friend from childhood that attended first 8 grades of our school-system (Elementary school) went to America afterwards and straight into high school or something like that. He sent me a test, final test, from his first grade where the toughest question was from history! From history! And even the question was so stupid that it made like my shit!

There are, indeed, lots of stereotypes in world today, but it saddens me to know that much of them are true. Very few directors can make a line of great movies that aren’t just money-suckers. Director Darren Aronofsky (Director of the “The Fountain”, “Pi”, “Requiem for a Dream”, “Black Swan” and so on) is one of few who make movies to be applied in the sense of its honesty. Neither of his movies is a simple statement of one already known thing. For instance, a movie “Pi”. It delivers a story of a math genius and the way one interacts with the world. That obsession, that insanity, that, almost, death-guiltier pain that shreds the very last pieces of the ordinary “Human” inside of him … everything fits perfectly into the character. The development of all of his characters in all of his movies is amazing, it’s true and it’s real – whether it’s in the movie “The Fountain” that’s qualified as the fantasy or in the movie “Black Swan”. We desperately need more directors like him and Steven Spielberg and less like James Cameron, Greg Berlanti and the shame of the director and writer M. Night Shyamalan. Peace out.

Now, game industry. I was a kid when the games like Final Fantasy VII and Baladur’s Gate firstly came out, but I remember enjoying them. Why? Because they were goddamn original and worth of my fucking time! I wouldn’t finish them within few hours of fucking gameplay as if I was playing football game with my friends. I enjoyed games like Diablo, Crash, Fifa 97, not because of their AMAZING GRAPHICS but because of their power to drill me in, to make me stay glued to the freekin’ screen and play them constantly. Even the goddamn Adam Family was an amazing game. I won’t even start writing about the Mario – it’s a well known classic we will never forget. Now, ten+ years later, everything that went to shitty fuck. There’s barely any originality in games. The last game I played and enjoyed quite a much was Dragon Age and Dragon Age: Origins. It was a RPG game with great storyline and amazing gameplay. Even graphics were amazing but who the fuck looks at that? Oh wait, everyone! For fucks sake, what happened to the old games? Why are people so obsessed with great visual image whilst the game sucks so badly that I just wanna throw it in a dump of shits? Now, Mass Effect 3 had quite a nice storyline and solid gameplay. Of course, it was nowhere near first two prequels, but it was fun. And then they ruin it with what made the game: OUR FUCKING CHOICES!

Or, if you played Diablo III, they ruined EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING THAT I FUCKING LIKED IN DIABLO I AND DIABLO III THAT I WEPT THROUGHOUT ENTIRE PLAYTIME OF THIS GAME! Or, Max Payne 3. THE GAME IS SO OBUSIVELY RETARDED THAT I JUST WANNA SHOT IT IN THE FUCKING HEART AND LEAVE IT TO BLEED TO DEATH. Every sequel nowadays RUINS its legendary prequels. Even Assassins Creed, the game I much enjoyed (first two parts at least) buried itself deep into seven layers of crap. Or even more, can’t quite tell.

The gaming industry dwelled down to one thing: the better graphics – the better sale. For instance, if you ever played game named simply Limbo, you noticed it was black and white game. No graphic amazement what so ever. But, whomever I have asked about the game, he answered with same answer: I enjoyed it. Why? Because it was thrilling, addicting and simply put – AMAZING!

To all heart, there was also one game I enjoyed playing – both parts of Batman. Games were quite a thrilling and refreshing, but even they can’t beat the rest of crap that comes out every year, year after year. For holy fucks sake, when will people who create game realize that graphics are 1% of the game? Whenever I play some new blockbuster of games, I simply wanna cry. Right afterwards, I turn on Diablo II and just run around and enjoy simply because I need to remember that there are good games out there! I doubt anyone has played Hyperboloid 2. It’s a simple game with over 200 levels to beat yet it’s fewer than 50mb big. I played for over 20 hours, and still didn’t finish it. Now, tell me, how can game that’s 50mb size be played longer than the game that is 25 FUCKING GIGABYTES? Huh? I even, from time to time, open up Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos just to have fun. Or even fucking Angry Birds. It copes with my problem – I’m angry with gaming companies! I’m angry with people who are, year after year, pushing out EXACTLY SAME FUCKING GAMES THAT WE PLAYED 100000000000000 TIMES BEFORE – oh wait, not exactly the same – THEY HAVE BETTER FUCKING GRAPHICS. If you remember the game Rise of Nations – it was pretty short, I must say, but it was thrilling to start over and build your empire from scratch. Or even the first two parts of Civilization. But, at most, Age of Empires – what happened to those strategies? Even Command and Conquer, at first, was thrilling game. Now it’s just bunch of crap. People think that graphics are important even in strategy games – THEY FUCKING AREN’T! Remember Heroes of Might and Magic? That game almost never had good graphics, yet I enjoy every new part!

Remember Tekken 3? It was basically 2D game that WE ALL ENJOYED! Now, in this new “blockbuster”, Street Fighter X Tekken, you simply can’t enjoy that much. Everything is overpolished – nobody wants that in a fighting game. The game is TOO EASY! Even at the hardest level, with a little bit of practice and understanding some moves, you can easily beat any pair that comes at you. And even the last boss, that, when you hit him with a special move, somehow receives only one tick of a damage, is way too easy!

I’m only glad that the game YS Origins appeared on PC. It was, probably, the happiest moment for me this year. I remember playing this game on PSP for months, over and over again, and the news that it appeared on PC was thrilling. And I played it again. Two times – with both of the characters. The game’s graphics are, compared to the rest of nowadays RPGs and Hack and Slash games, shit. But the gameplay, the true essence of a game is something none of those blockbusters have. Peace out.

We came to the music. Now, I didn’t make any post about music before, but I did put some videos. For you guys who follow, you noticed that I enjoy listening to the metal. I also like Jazz and Rock. But, also, I like listening to classic music from time to time. Now, music like that is not made anymore. For me, music is about sending a message – song should be a statement for something – for either loss, grief, love, hate, pain, happiness or any other feeling – but songs nowadays, at least those that are widely spread on TV channels, are simply about some teenage fucks who have everything yet they complain to have nothing. You know, that “I love her but she sees me as a nerd” crap. Let me just give you an example.

“Is this the real life, is this just fantasy

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see

I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy

Because I’m easy come, easy go, a little high, little low

Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to me”

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

“Damn, girl

Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, a sexy bitch

Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, damn, girl

Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, a sexy bitch

Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, damn, girl”

David Guetta feat Akon – Sexy Bitch

HOLY FUCK! I mean, come on guys! First of all, the irony is that girls actually like this song! It’s degrading on every fucking level – and they like it! On the other hand, kids nowadays, teenagers and even some adults don’t like Bohemian Rhapsody because “they can’t understand it”. Half of them don’t know that the song “We will rock you” is written by the Queen and not some American patriot.

It actually saddens me to see this fucked up generation. I know that they will have their heroes someday, but, right now, I just can’t cope with reality! The lyrics are basically vanished. The meaning in music is gone. And even those singers or bands that have some strength to fight, even they become, what is named nowadays, “mainstream” and lose all of their value. I mean, guys are writing songs about whores, prostitutes, drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy and broken heart – it is all so stupid, let alone the very text which is basically on level of five year old kid, that I’m actually not surprised that half of today’s kids are stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself any smarter, but at least I know that the crap I’m listening to is actually meaningful. If you dare to compare song, for instance, “Who we are” from Machine Head (Released in 2011 on Unto the Locust album) and, for instance, song “Baby” from Justin Bieber (or something like that), you can see and hear difference. “Who we are” is the song about those who live in shadows, waiting for destiny – waiting for the world to accept them, to finally accept the change. On the other hand, song “Baby” is a simply bunch of words put together about some girl sang by some other girl. No offense to you fans. JK.

I think I made my statement about the music, movies and gaming. Since I’m really tired of all this writing, I’ll leave books for the some new post. All the hate unplugged humanity – peace out fuckers.


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