The difference between THE ART and “the art”

Okay, this is one new path I’m taking here. Why? Because I fucking need to.

Okay, seriously, when the hell did people forget the meaning of the art? The meaning of a creation? Are we that fucking dense? I was at the art show yesterday because I really like seeing some new, great art which inspires me to create something of my own. BUT I COULDN’T FUCKING FIND IT! That wasn’t fucking art! Those were just 3 strokes of brushes in different colors. My favorite part is listening to the “experienced critiques”

“If we dwell deep enough into the painting, we can discover greater meaning behind it; the colors of the life, the death and all that lives beyond — blah blah blah” NO! FUCKING NO! Those are just colors! There’s no meaning, there’s no secret and there’s nothing good about it! Please, I beg of you, look at this picture:

What the fuck?! Art?

Okay, there’s one great example. Why am I putting this you wonder? Because this piece of shit was sold for, wait for it: £47.3million!

WHAAAAAAAT?! ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE? I would’ve painted better picture using my dick and colored sperm. Guys, this is not the art. The artist of this piece of shit is probably laughing behind the stage (or whoever gets the money, maybe the artist is dead, who knows) and drilling his hands with the shitload of money he/they got. This is fucking insane guys. Some amazing and talented artists are starving out there because they simply can’t get their art out. Let me show you an example of the beautiful art:

Art? Yes, please.

Now, that’s what I call art. It’s a beautiful piece of work painted by the OIL. Yes, fucking OIL! Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure Picasso had some fascinating idea in his head when he was drawing squared heads, but for me that’s not the art. Da Vince’s Mona Lisa on the other hand is. That’s a perfect example of a famous artist ACTUALLY PAINTING SOMETHING GOOD. Starry Night, The Cloudy Sky and so on, I can name hundreds of them. Those are all great paintings. Those are the kind of paintings that deserve big bucks because they take time and ACTUAL talent and dedication to get created. Three colors on a poopy-colored canvas isn’t art!

I’m seriously pissed off. I want to support these great artists all over the internet but I can’t because I’m fucking broke. And I know that they are broke too. Why? Because art is a dying “business”. People no longer appreciate true art; they seek for the paintings with a name attached to them. For instance, guy who painted the painting above offers it for 139$! Yes, FUCKING 139$! Now, compare 139$ with 47 000 000+$. People really don’t know what to do with their money. Give it to me; I’m sure as hell that I’ll find a better way to spend it.

I understand that we’re living in a fucked up and rotten world, but for shit’s sake do have some decency, please. Have some brains, have IQ greater than your shoe size! This is bullshit to be honest. This is utter disgrace to the meaning of the word “art”. If a painting that has 2h of work (max) put in it can be sold for over 47 million bucks and a true painting that took time, dedication and will to be painted barely gets sold for miserable 140$ … I don’t know. I’m ashamed. Truly, for the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of the world I’m living in. Before, I was just angry and frustrated with it. But today, I’m ashamed. I know that not everyone is the same; I know that millions of people out there KNOW what the true art is. But I’m sad because that million people cannot afford to support these artists because they’re either broke or artists themselves (that instantly means they’re broke as well). I’m not an art student (to clarify; I don’t want you to think that I’m writing this because I feel … put down because no one appreciates my art). I’m a literature student and I’m proud of it. But even with knowing that a picture can tell thousands of words, I still choose literature. Why? Because people can actually distance awful books from the decent ones (this is not the case lately, to clarify, and I wish I just entered some sort of a glass-making business). Art is being stripped of its meaning and we have to stop that! I always liked drawing and painting … the problem is that I always sucked. Only recently did I get any better and, when I need inspiration, instead of looking for these world-wide-known amazing pieces of art, I need to search the internet for the works of the “amateurs” and “students”. That’s stupid, idiotic, shameful and sad. Fuck you all, fuck you collectors. If I ever earn 47 000 000$ (which will never happen but still …), I’d rather buy ten thousand vibrators and gave them free to the lonely women (and men) than buy that piece of shit.

Peace out with one more beautiful painting:

Nude? At least it’s fucking art.

Both of these amazing pieces were oil painted. Don’t even get me started with the creation using digital programs. That would’ve just put the final seal of shame to the “artists” of the worldly name.


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