Books for “Young Adults” – WTF?!

Hello everyone.

I’ve stated that I’ll also be talking about the books but I didn’t do it … not even once. I don’t want you to think I’m a liar, so here it goes. Why did I choose this topic? Because these types of books are the FUCKING WORSE!

So, I was recently surfing through the Goodreads list “Books for the Teenagers and Young Adults”. Since I fit into the category of the “Young Adults” I thought “Well, hell, it’s listed here, it should be at least appealing” – FUCKING NO! Jesus, I don’t even know where to fucking begin. First off, ALL BOOKS ARE THE FUCKING SAME! It’s like some sort of the meeting happens every now and then, and these people decide on which subject will they be writing next. This is bullshit. None of those books were for the fucking young adults. Take away that “adults” part and you might fit them into the category for the kids. Why? Because they’re stupid, idiotic, mindless and simply can’t make you think about anything else but “This book is bad”. The reason I’ve read like 4-5 of them was simply to verify this. I don’t want to talk bullshit because other people said it sucks. I want to see it for myself – and I fucking regret that. I wasted 20h of my life on pieces of shit because I wanted to write about it. I’m a fucking idiot.

Now, let me slowly explain what I mean by all this.

Currently, there are 3 “types” of the books for the young adults that I’ve encountered.

1. Twilight-themed

I’m sure as fuck that the Twilight wasn’t the first of the kind, but it seems as if that very book created some sort of the “trend”. ‘Writers’ saw that they can easily enrich themselves by writing crappy stories about the mythical creatures that fall in love with the ordinary people and vice versa. Okay, I understand that. But for fuck’s sake at least put some effort into the writing. Give some sense of the dialogue! I seriously couldn’t stop laughing while reading the dialogue. They’re so bad that you can’t do anything else but make fun of them. Let me clarify something; I don’t have anything against books like Twilight of Fallen – per say. What I have against is its bad writing, laughable dialogue and one-dimensional characters. Is that really the type of the books young people, uneducated people should be reading? Hell fucking no. I also don’t mind that all of these books are basically the same – what I mind is that they all fucking suck. If you’re gonna throw in mythical creatures, you can’t write solely romantic story. Fuck no. It’s a fucking rule that whenever there’s unknown, mythical creature, there’s fucking bloodshed and horror. Fear to help your characters grow. But fuck no. Fallen is basically a book about stalking and nothing more. Just fucking that. There’s no mystery, there’s no horror aspect (even though the writer tries, she really does, by having this “goth-like” mandatory going on) … stalking should not be the main point of the book. Never. Fucking never.

2. Dystopian future themed (somewhat taken from the recent Hunger Games)

Note: Hunger Games are no where near the first book with the theme but it sure as hell started the trend. What Hunger Games had and all of these other books didn’t is a fucking story. Yes, romance was put somewhat in the second plan and the writer actually focused on the story and character development (even though that went to fuck somewhere in the 3rd book). The hell? Let me clarify a few points:

2.1. – If you’re creating this fucked up dystopian futuristic setting, LOVE SHOULD BE THE LAST THING IN THE ENTIRE BOOK TO FOCUS ON. Things to consider: Write about how the fuck did the world wind up like that. Go into the detail. Don’t just give “It’s just sort a happened” explanations. I want to read more ways about how the world could end.

DON’T MAKE A BOOK JUST ABOUT A BUNCH OF TEENS RUNNING AROUND! Fuck no! I have anime for that kind of shit. Add some interesting elderly characters that aren’t there just for 2 pages. Make them part of the group.

Try to move away a little bit from the standard formula. Try to create an ACTUAL dystopian future. There’s no society; there are no big, bully cities. There are just people trying to survive (take it from The Walking Dead comics if you will).

Write about how the world was beforehand, what led to that “catastrophe”. Things like that don’t just “Happen”. We’re not reading the Bible or watching 2012.


2.2. – Story and Characters? Ain’t nobody got time to bother with that.

Okay, seriously. what the fuck happened? The Chronicles of Narina is also a set of books aimed for kids/teens. But all of the books have an interesting story and characters. Are you people really that dried? YOUR CHARACTER DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKEABLE TO BE INTERESTING! Hell, create a fucking psycho that rapes, kills, burns and does all kinds of crazy shit and he’ll be 100000000000000x more interesting than some melodramatic teenage, virgin girl. It appears to me that the writers don’t understand that their characters don’t have to be fucking perfect. I hate when a writer tries to portray his protagonist as a “perfect” thing. It even happens to the bad guys; for instance, in the Fallen, this bad dude that’s bad angel is actually written in a way that he’s no different than the usual “cool teen”. What the fuck? I want my bad guys to curse, to spit, to rape, to burn, to look distorted, to have an ACTUAL MOTIVE for whatever the hell they’re doing. But fuck no. “My bad guy needs to be likeable” … yizz .. The reason I’m mentioning Fallen here is because I really can’t remember much about the books about this type of the “format”.


I don’t wanna bother with this anymore. People have forgotten what it means to create a dystopian-futuristic story. It’s all about cool guys, teenage boys and girls fighting some sort of a bad guy that came out of the Poop story …

3. Pure, idiotic romantic stories that may or may not include something supernatural

Okay, I’m sick and tired of this fucking bullshit. I’m sick and tired of hearing the stories about the teens in love and all of these retarded obstacles. I’m sick and tired of deus-ex being pulled off out of nowhere. I’m fucking sick and tired of these retarded stories with even worse characters. They’re plain bad, unreadable and mockable. For holy fucks sake, can’t anyone figure out some kind of the “original” love story? Don’t just copy/paste ideas from some other books! I’m fucking sick of hearing inner mind of a teenage girl that’s just plain unreal and … bitch. Yes, for some reason, all of the recent Female MP are fucking bitches. What happened to some great female characters like Lucy from Narnia? She wasn’t bitch. She was likeable, normal girl. Sure, she had her bad ways, but don’t we all? But there’ s a fucking borderline between “bad ways” and “plain idiotic”:


I really don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’ve spent 1000+ words on these pieces of shit. Sure, there’s some glimmering light in the pile of crap, but it’s just … passable. Wrong books are hyped. Wrong writers are given a chance to publish their work. And yes, now I am bitching about it because no one “appriciates me”. Don’t get me wrong; I steadly know that I don’t have the quality to be published yet, but if I am to compare my work to some of these “world wide known and respected authors”, I should get a fucking Nobel price for my writing skills.

Peace fucking out.

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