“Foreign” TV Shows

Okay, since this has been quite a “hit” in my country recently, I wanted to discuss it just for the sake of bashing stuff.


– So, where the fuck do I begin? Well, let’s begin with the fact that they all suck – yeah, sorry to inform any of you out there who wanted to take a shot at them (God knows why), but they all fucking suck. Every single one is the same. Every single one is TOO LONG. Every single one is so fucking illogical that you just want to crap all over your own logic. I swear, take 3 year old kid and make him write a story about rainbows, unicorns and all that kind of crap, and it’d make more sense. Okay, putting logic aside (‘cuz let’s face it, American TV shows aren’t that better in that department), is there anything good about them? Hell. Fucking. No.

– Characters? Well, they’re all annoying as fuck, stupid, irrational, overly-dramatic, crappy and plain unbearable to watch. Yes, you’ll rarely find a character that actually LOOKS AND ACTS LIKE A NORMAL FUCKING HUMAN BEING. Yes, you fucking heard me. You won’t able to “feel” any of these characters, let alone sympathize with them. You’ll want them dead. Crapped, buried and burnt from the existence. All jokes aside? Well, those weren’t jokes. Not by a long shot. You know how I always keep buzzing about how characters suck at everything? Well, here they’ve reached a new level of sucking. Yes, twenty seven layers beneath the crap and perhaps one layer above bloody-shitty. Well, maybe not. Maybe seven more layers underneath it. So, if you’re looking for a cool, nice characters, get the fuck away from this crap

Plot? Well, let me sumazire it. There’s this one girl. Her life is bad. It eventually gets better. Yup, that’s about it. Gazillion of illogical stuff happens in-between the beginning and the end and you really couldn’t give less fucks anymore. They drag out an episode SO FUCKING MUCH THAT IT’S PYSHICALLY UNBEARABLE TO WATCH! Okay … seriously, these guys can’t write, okay? Let’s be honest here. It’s obvious that these shows were made for housewives and single moms, but it’s just fucking insulting to the industry of TV Shows. Yes, it fucking is. Now, Glee is insulting to pretty much everything that has an IQ, but this … oh my God, THIS … there are no fucking words. The sad part is that they actually try to do something and that something just comes back and ruins the entire “experience” even more. Their writing skills are bad and they should feel bad.

– So, good points? Nope, there is none. Even the fucking girls are rarely hot and there are no boobs flying around, asses whispering to your eyes nor hairy pussies overwhelming your HD TV. Nope. They are dressed up with some sort of a woman’s armor that takes the entire body and hides it. Sure, it is their culture, but for fucks sake it ain’t mine. No. I grew up watching movies that that shitload of sex in them. I grew up on bullets, car chases, dismembered bodies flying around. Pretty much everyone here did. So why the hell would you bring something so utterly boring, repetative, ugly and plain retarded to my TV? That’s not even the worst part. Nope, you heard me right. The worst part about these things is that their ONE regular season has OVER 60 FUCKING EPISODES! For crying the fuck loud, how the hell don’t they get bored and annoyed by having to make 60 episodes of utter shit yearly? I’m not even sure that they make that much of a money to put up with it. Either that, or they’re equally stupid (which wouldn’t surprise me) as the characters of the show. I have just one advice for you guys: Run away from anything that came out of the Spain, Turkey and India, okay? Please, for your own sake.


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