Game of Murders – khm, Thrones, yes, Thrones

It’s about the time I praised something instead of bashing it, am I right?

I just recently picked up the books and read them and then I picked up the TV show. I delayed it for a bit, though, but I’m glad I did since I had so much material to read and see. The reason why I like ‘Game of Thrones’ is not because it’s a fantasy (per say, I’m a big fan of fantasy if you hadn’t noticed) but because it deviates from all known formulas and shits on them. Is that a good thing? Well, for me it is – and considering how the Books and TV show are doing, it would be safe to say that it is even globally. A genius behind it is truly a genius. It seems to me that good writers often have the charming beards which I’m trying to grow right now (but the pressure of society is just too high, so I shave every month or so).

Imp’ll slap ya’, I tell ya’

All jokes aside, Game of Thrones really is a wonderful and … well, fucked up experience. It’s a character-driven story, a story about betrayal, love, honor, pride, growing up, “getting real” and … Dragons. Oh God, I love Dragons. It’s really beyond me how no one, thus far, managed to create a movie where Dragons are actually amazing and frightening – the way they’re supposed to be. And, well, here, they’re on the right track. No one messes with my Dragons! I’m really … bugged here – I don’t want to sound like a fanboy, but, in actuality, I am. Sure, TV series (and the books) have some of their issues, but more so than not, they work in the favor of the show/book.

Oh, thanks, that’s so … sweet of you

Game of Thrones battles all of the standard formulas and cliches – and it does a good job. Never before have I feared to ‘fall in love’ with a character than I do in this book. Every scene that seems like a dead threatening one actually is exactly that – threatening one. Martin clearly intended to invoke that feeling of fear and dread whenever our favorite character is in a life-death situation because chances for his survival are the same as the chances of him dying: 50%-50%. That’s not the only thing that’s unique with the story, though. The story itself spans across large world and a time period. Each book is a long one, but you feel like it’s required to do so nonetheless. He slowly introduces the fantasy element into the story (first Book is basically just a medieval affair, without much ‘fantastic elements’ up until the end) and then came my Dragons – oh, they scream, they fly, they spit fire … I just wait for them to grow large and feast upon the wretched world.

Oh, hi there … 

Another thing to note is that Game of Thrones has a bucket full of pretty ladies! And, most of them, get naked at one point of the story! Sometimes you won’t be sure whether you’re watching porn or some really questionable TV series! But, regardless, it’s just a little bit of fanservice that can be overlooked. I don’t do it though; naked ladies? Anytime, anywhere!

I leave you with a recommendation and my beloved Mom of the Dragons! (Go for it!)


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