The ultimate useless knowledge

Hello guys. 

In these past couple of days I’ve encountered several trivial information which kind of … well, fascinated me. I’ve never been much of a sucker for useless shit (I can barely remember things I need for college, let alone some other crap), but still … it appears as if trivia has its merits. For instance, did you know Dragons exist? THEY DO! FUCK YOU!

Khm … shall we begin with some useless trivia? This post is here just so I can finally start filling my quota of two posts per week, which I had promised to myself to do about half a year ago. Yeah … things have been going great with that. 

Trivia N.O.1 

Walt Disney, as the matter of fact, ISN’T FUCKING FROZEN! I know … I know … rumors spread out, people didn’t deny it and shit … but it has been actually confirmed that Walt Disney isn’t frozen. Sorry … you’ll never get more awesome books from him. He’s dead. Like … forever. 

Trivia N.O.2

Did you know there’s a thing called ‘diphallia’? What does it mean you ask? It’s a condition whereas dude is born with two dicks. Fascinating, I know. Practical? Nah … I can barely work my shit with one. 

Trivia N.O.3

Do you know how King Edward II died? He had a plumber’s iron stuck up in his ass! Since he was pretty much gay, his wife got kind of annoyed and … well … gave him a stick where it belongs. 

Trivia N.O.3.5

Do you know how Arthur Aston died? He was beaten by a wooden leg. His own wooden leg. Yeah … you better not have things that can kill you around yourself when you anger some people. Trust me, ANYTHING can be used as a weapon.

Trivia N.O.4

Did you know that the museum of our dreams actually exists?! Museum of Eroticism can be found in France (there is also one about the prostitutes in Holland … but hey, it’s just whores), and is dedicated to the erotic art collection. 

Trivia N.O.5

Did you know that you can buy wolf’s piss on Amazon? What for? Erm, to … cure werewolf…sness? I guess. Also, did you know you cannot ship this item to California due to the regulations about importing animal’s piss? I KNOW! 

Trivia N.O.5.5

If wolf’s pee isn’t your thing, you can always purchase deer’s butt. What for? *Insert three thousand sex jokes here* Have fun.

Trivia N.O.6

Did you know that the director of ‘Fight Club’, David Fincher, had a stuntman fall down the stairs twelve times. Well, that isn’t that weird, right? I mean, he wanted a perfect film. He used the first take.

Trivia N.O.7

Did you know that Vampires don’t sparkle, Zombies don’t talk, AND THAT THE DRAGONS EXIST?! 

Trivia N.O.8

Did you know that the word ‘senator’ originally meant ‘old man’? Well .. it’s not that different nowadays anyway. 

Trivia N.O.9

Do you like to eat glass? Well, if you do, you are hyalophagic! Why the fuck are all these conditions so fucking hard to pronounce? It’s as if the fucking scientists want to make us, ordinary people, look stupid! Oh, wait. Anyway, don’t eat the fucking glass. The hell’s wrong with you man?

Trivia N.O.9.5

Apparently, synonym for cannibalism is anthropopagy … who the fuck comes up with this shit? Seriously. Stop it. 

Trivia N.O.10

You should really learn what Stochkholm syndrome is. If someone rapes you, physically abuses you, or in any way, shape or form harms you, and yet you still sympathize with them. That’s just … fuck.

Trivia N.O.10.5

Did you know there’s a condition called ‘Jerusalem syndrome’? I won’t even … 

Trivia N.O.11

Dodo bird became extinct sometimes in the 17th century. It survived Crusader Wars, Black Plague, AND the great flood, but it died because Shakespeare’s sonnets were too much to take? Oh come on.

Trivia N.O.12

Did you know that the three main concepts of ‘womanhood’ during the Greeks were honor (belonging), spirituality and stance against the current (mainly war)? They still had no fucking right. Yeah, sorry. 

Trivia N.O.13

Do you know what ‘Furry Fandom’ is? Don’t. Please. Don’t google it. 

Trivia N.O.13.5

Do you know what Emetohilia is? DON’T! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T!

Trivia N.O.13.7

Omorashi? This one’s bearable. When you’re jerking off, you try to ‘align’ your pissing and climax. It’s the ultimate climax. Or just really filthy sheets. 

Trivia N.O.14

You know that painting of Kate in the ‘Titanic’? Yeah, it was drawn by none other than James Cameron, the most overrated director to have ever been there in the history of mankind(s). 

Trivia N.O.15

Dragons don’t exist. 😦 


I’ll conclude here guys. If you’re interested in some more random trivia, feel free to post it; I might even do it some day. I have one exam (easy one) left, so I’ll have a buttload of free time as my 2nd semester starts. Expect more posts from me (and I’ll probably start writing movie reviews as well).



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