Two and a half games – remarkable year not ensued

            It’s been awhile since I last posted anything. One can attribute that to my laziness, lack of desire to do so, college or anything alike and that one would be right in any case.

            Anyway, today I’ll be discussing some games I’m currently playing, them being: Dead Island: Epidemic, Heartstone & The Mighty Quest for the Epic Loot. All three are either in alpha or beta, so they are subject to change, but I doubt anything core about them will change that much (maybe in case of Dead Island only).

            Let’s start with Dead Island: Epidemic while we’re on it (DI:E in the future references). I was extremely surprised by this game, and in a good way. When I heard that there’ll be DI:E MOBA, I was like ‘Meh, fuck dat shit, it’ll suck’, but hey, I like being proven wrong, especially in these cases. One aspect I like about DI:E is that it actually has solid co-op, which I prefer, believe it or not, over the PVP mode. I know it’s weird, since this game is designed for PVP rather than co-op experience, but hey, I already have enough of damn competitive MOBAs that I don’t need another one. Gameplay is easy to learn, quick, characters are fun (although I mostly play just 1), and while I do have some complaints (like that slow fucking account leveling system … holy shit, that’s slow), overall the game is quite good. Lack of content is currently stopping me from playing it ten hours a day, of course, but it is in alpha/closed beta, so yeah, all’s cool man. Well, kind of. PVP is lacking. There are lot of AFKers since the XP system is so fucked up that it’s a rare occasion when you don’t have AFK both in PVP and PVE modes. And, if you do have one, good luck winning. It’s near impossible if the enemy team knows what the fuck they are doing. It’s still fun, doing awesome solo moves, 2v1 some people, but in the end you always lose. And then you go fuck it and go play some co-op since even with 3 people there it’s possible to win. There are some stupid and downright annoying boss fights, but most of them are either too easy or just require some knowledge of boss fights. Hell, one, if not two, of them are soloable. It takes a motherfucking long time, but it’s done. Overall, I’m looking forward to more development with this game. I’m already sure cash shop will fuck it up, like it always does lately, but hey, I play almost all games without buying anything from the cash shop and I mostly do just fine. And considering it does have solid co-op … well, brighten up Dead Island fans, it’s not that bad.

            Next, I’ll move onto Heartstone. Over the past year, the game swept the gaming world off its feet onto its butt, and has been staying strong ever still. I’ve been playing it quite a lot recently, and I can definitely see the charms that draw people in. Whenever you open that damn pack, and see some good cards, some golden, maybe even a legendary, you just burst out with happiness. Whenever you pull some awesome combo in the game that forces your opponent to rage quite simply because it’s so goddamn awesome, you feel like in heaven. And those are its charms. Sure, the game is bugfilled like the fucking bug next, but hey, it’s still in beta. Sure, it doesn’t have as many cards as Magic the Gathering but let’s be fair … it never will. The art style is quite awesome, classic Blizzard, and it fucking works. Cards are quite balanced, which surprised me, and you can do just fine without any legendaries whatsoever (it does feel good to have some though; but, for me, it feels even better when I have some awesome goldens I play in ever goddamn deck). I see the bright future in this game but, following Blizzard’s record, they’ll fuck it up somewhere along the line, I guarantee it. Until then though, I’ll keep playing and smashing my peers with amazing cards I’ll never unlock.

            Now, you’ve noticed that there were two, yes, TWO games I actually PRAISED! Now, to balance the shit out, it’s time for the golden gem in the pile of crap – which is The Mighty Quest for who the fuck thought this is a good game.

            My first problem with this game appeared at the very beginning. YOU CAN’T SKIP THE FUCKING INTRO. And it’s not an interesting intro or a short one, fuck no. So, yeah, turn on the game, go make some coffee, maybe even have a lunch, and then come back and play it. Another thing is that shop bullshit with F2P games, founder packs, deluxe editions and what the fuck not. One class is literally locked away for good unless you purchase some fucking pack that’s most likely so overpriced you never will. And, and, you can only have 1 hero for free. Well, you say, other games do it similarly, right? Yeah, but they have more than 4 (effectively 3 heroes since that one bitch is locked away) heroes. Castle building? You’re looking forward to creating masterful dungeon no hero can beat? Well, first prepare to grind the fuck out of your life for anything remotely useful, and then some. Or just pay with cash. Looking forward to creating unique hero and smack the dungeons of other stupid people? Yeah, good luck with that. All classes are so fucking one-dimensional and straight out copied that you don’t even need a fucking tutorial to learn them. Mage? Like any other fucking Mage. Warrior? Just like any other fucking warrior. Look, Torchlight 1, yes, the first Torchlight, had better classes. What the fuck am I saying. Fucking Diablo III has better classes, WAAAAY better classes. So yeah, both aspects of the game are quite fucked up. And I mean the core aspects, not some sideline shit no one really cares about. The game is not directly P2W, but it’s either grind your life to death or take a shortcut. And, even if it was just a normal, 40-50$ game, it still wouldn’t be that good. Action RPG’s have evolved so much over the past four-five years that this just feels like a fucking throwback to 2005 rather than something new and fun. Fuck, Forced had better ARPG elements. And that’s a fucking Indie game for crying o’ loud. Fuck this shit.


            I’m quite overwhelmed with the shit I should finish right now (Multiple videos, some college papers, some games, some drawings/paintings) that I really need to buck up and start doing shit. I hope this is the first thing, that fucking motivator, that starts me going. Expect the next post sometime in 2020, while I’m dying. I’m that fucking lazy.


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