Game of Thrones returns … WITHOUT. A. BANG!



            Monday was a day for celebration. Wonder why? If so, you should not be on this blog. Game of Thrones’ Season 4 episode one was aired! And we all rejoiced!

            The reason it took me so long to come around and write a post about is because this was my exam week. I’ll probably fail all the fucking tests but who gives a fuck. Second episode of GoT is just around the corner. Until then, let’s talk about the first one.


            It opens up with some events from season 3, helping us to remember what the fuck happened there and who’s where and how. I won’t spoil anything post-first episode (I’ve read the 3rd book), but I’ve gotta say – they really held back. There were some filler scenes that worked quite well, but I have a feeling they were there for the sole purpose of prolonging the following chapters (which will be in the 2nd episode) and Satan aren’t those great episodes. However, back to the first one. We see the faces we love and hate once again – Arya is slowly growing up (and by growing up I mean killing shit), Sansa is starting to crawl on my nerves (as she did in the books), John is almost executed, Bran wasn’t there, Joffrey is still a fucking asshole, Hound is still badass, Cersei cockblocks Jamie because ‘he took too long’ in coming back (I don’t wanna say it but … women … damn …) and so on. Overall, the first episode was great but nothing breathtaking. Dragons were neat, of course, and I’m glad to see they keep spending majority of their budget on them. I do feel though that it was on purpose since a lot of shit happens in the 2nd part of the 3rd book. It’s one huge shitfest of deaths and other stuff.


            In reality, all of GoT’s first episodes aren’t as thrilling as majority of them (with the exception of maybe the 1st season). They are rather setups for the rest of the season to develop and grow, and I feel like that’s a great choice. Better to have one solid episode and ten awesome ones than the other way around. I’ve been sapping my soul in the anticipation of the 4th season and so far I’m not disappointed. I’m extremely interested in how they made 2nd episode because I think it will set up sort of a line, a reach if you will, for the rest of the season. All in all, without wanting to bore you, I’ll just say that it was a solid episode and a great introduction with some fillers here and there for the rest of the season. Now, we wait Monday. At least I do. I don’t know about your time zones.       



Jamie: Come here, I’ve missed you. 

Cersei: No. You didn’t come to see me.

Jamie: I was a prisoner for gods’ sake. 

Cersei: You took too long. Now I’m fucking my other brother.

Jamie: …


One thought on “Game of Thrones returns … WITHOUT. A. BANG!

  1. Yeah, the premiere episode of Season Four, like many first episodes, have a lot of set up and catch up to do. But I think it worked pretty well getting everyone back into Westeros. There was a lot of exposition, but it was pretty organic to whatever was going on. There wasn’t any “hey, we need to have a history lesson. Boobs in the background! Start Talking!”

    It was good seeing Jon Snow actually be able to speak his mind.

    I’m happy we have cannibal horrific Wildlings.

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