What. The. Fuck. Happened. To. Steam.

Now, my title may not be grammatically correct, but it does go across the point. Oh, also, sorry for not updating my blog in like 4 months. Shit happens.


So today I wanna discuss a pressing concern in my little gaming world which is: WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO STEAM?! Usually, when I’d log in, I’d see a couple of new games each week, which were at least okay, maybe I’d buy one and that was it. I’d look at the upcoming releases, see that there are some good games there and wait for them. Now?! NOW SHIT POPS OUT EVERY SINGLE FUCKING HOUR AND YOU’RE LEFT WONDERING WHO THE FUCK IS OBSERVING THIS SHIT!


Now, let’s look at the new releases tab in the Steam client:

Mamma mia …


The only game I recognize is The Journey Down . Out of 10 games. One of which has 2 enteries for some reason. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Steam used to be a great place to find good deals on the games you love, find new games that you could potentially love, and stay away from all the crap that’s being released by twelve year olds. Now? NOW IT’S THE FUCKING BREEDING GROUND FOR THE TWELVE YEAR OLDS. AMERZONE IS 14 FUCKING YEARS OLD OR SO, AND IS BEING PROMOTED AS A NEWLY RELEASED IP?!!!!!!!!


Sigh … Valve, filter your shit. When I log-in into Steam, first I want to see new games, OUT WHICH I ACTUALLY PLAN TO BUY SOMETHING IF IT’S WORTH A CRAP, and play the shit I already bought. Now I go straight to the Library because THERE’S NOTHING WORTHWHILE FOR ME TO GO LOOK AT THE STORE PAGE! I already know the releases of the games I wanna play, so why even bother? I know I won’t find a fucking gem there. The only thing I’ll potentially find is a game so bad it’s slowly gaining cult phenomena. I don’t want that shit. I remember accidentally discovering some great games through your shit, but now? Now I just go to Top Sellers and see if there’s anything good. Not new releases. There are no gems there. Only pieces of shit only those with buttloads of money even CONSIDER buying. I invested practically half my lifetime earnings into buying games on your fucking shit, taxing your fat-ass to the point of you being too fat-ass to be considered fat-ass, and now I can’t even do THAT?! One simple thing?! SPEND MY NOT-SO-EARNED MONEY ON AT LEAST DECENT GAMES? Seriously. At this point, it’s just better to go over to Desure and scroll shit through. There, at least, you might find some good games. Or at least decent. Valve, or whoever the fuck controls this shit, FILTER THE GAMES! DELETE THE BROKEN-ASS PIECES OF SHIT FROM YOUR STORE, AND HELP PEOPLE DISCOVER ACTUAL, GOOD GAMES INSTEAD OF SHIT YOU’RE PROMOTING NOW.


Peace the fuck out.


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