TV Shows or Movies? Hmm, sounds saucy.

Is saucy even a fucking word? I don’t know. Don’t even care to be honest.

My last blog entry was on August 29 (almost wrote in August 29 … Jesus fuck), so I had a lot of time to think about my next topic. The problem is – I didn’t. Rather, I spent most of my days sulking around at my home, drinking beer, smoking and playing games all day long – while also watching some movies and TV shows. Hence the title: TV Shows or Movies.

A lot of people will simply jump-the-fucking-gun and say ‘movies’ because of the budget and star-crossed names, but we can say “Fuck you” to those people because human rights and shit. There’s been a huge dip of quality when it comes to movies (at least those more popular ones – ones our smartass kids actually check out). The fact that “The fault in our brains” is considered the best young-adult/romance/drama of 2014 by a huge array of people proves that far too well. By the way, what the fuck is up with these movies for young people? I see 4-5 faces always in the main roles. Did the casting crew suddenly ran out of young boys and girls that actually look young and aren’t fucked by our society to the point where at 20 they look like they’re fucking 40? Wouldn’t know, don’t care. Anyway, back to the topic. Both of these … things, I guess, do have their diamonds and dog poop. Like, Movie 47 is as equally bad as Honey Poo Poo or whatever. However, I did notice a lot of improvement when it comes to TV shows recently. I’ve been re-watching some of my dear shows as well as picking up on the new ones, and when you add gems like “Game of Thrones”, “Breaking Bad”, etc., to the pool, you get a nice watching list that could take a while to clear up. Movies? Not as much. Don’t get me wrong – we get a couple or so of good movies every day, but is that enough? I mean, movie will at maximum take three hours of your life, while TV show can take a whole lot longer. There are arguments for both sides, but I’ve started to side with the TV shows recently. Now, since I’m prone to change at literally any moment of my fucking life, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself shitting on TV shows the very next day, but for now I do like them more.

TV shows often offer deeper characters as well as more characters. When it comes to story though, there are only a few where the story is consistent and good, but when it gets going, for the most part, it gets going. For instance, shows like “Castle” or “Bones” – basic cop-shows – each lasting for 7+ seasons have their share of episodic weeks, bland episodes and stuff like that. But, since they’ve got likable and interesting characters, bad story doesn’t drive me away as much as it otherwise would. And when the main story, or some thought-out double comes out, it really gets going. Sad part is that I wish every episode was like that, even if the show would last only one or two seasons. On the other hand, a show like “Game of Thrones”, has consistent story because it’s based off of a book – or rather a series of books – and good ones at that, brilliant even. What I can’t stand though are the recent sci-fi TV shows. With some sci-fi movies that are coming out and showing the beauty of 21st ct. special effects, whenever I look at some new sci-fi show I just get angry at how fucking bad it looks. I understand the budget limitations, but none of them have good enough of a story that would make me care less about that fucking terrible green screen. But hey, who am I to talk bad about ‘Falling Skies’ and shit like that, imma right?

All in all, I can see why people would go off on both sides. To be honest, I don’t want either to disappear. Movies often offer great, condensed story that can strike the hearts of many, while TV shows can often offer memorable characters and some really great episodes which DO act like somewhat of a movie. That’s the beauty of both mediums: they both have something to give to their viewers. I’m just fucking glad we’re leaving all that vampire and zombie crap that surfaced recently behind. If you’re gonna make a vampire movie, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF THE FUCKING GOD, don’t have it about teens. That shit is old and annoying. And I just fucking dare you to make wizard-teenage-love-triangle shit. Whoever writes that, I swear to all the unholy and immoral that I’ll put a bullet between your eyes.

Until next time. Hopefully.


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