Hand of Fate – something good in the gaming world for a change? Heck yeah!


I haven’t written anything positive in a while – so here it is. ‘Cause I’m a good guy and shit. Yeah, certainly that.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I came across a game called ‘Hand of Fate’ on Steam that described itself as a blend of Card/Action/RPG and I was really intriuged – and considering all the good reviews, who wouldn’t, imma right? Anyway, I decided to pick it up and the game pretty much blew my mind. In one of the reviews, a guy mentioned that it’s a card game with „occasional fight scene“ so when I encountered my first fight, I was really surprised as to how much it was polished. Because, you know, who the fuck would put so much effort into something that’s barely there. But …  well, you’ll spend like 60-80% of your time fighting so the guy kind of lied to me. So yeah, fuck you random guy.

Anyway, if you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons (I mean board game, you new-generation fuck-up), it’s pretty much that – only single player and digital. You set up your equipment and encounter cards before you start the adventure, while this magic dude shuffles some of his own in the deck – and so the adventure begins. It gets progressively more challenging and more intriguing and, while there isn’t a whole lot to the story, that shit don’t fucking matter. The game is pretty amazing. There’s a story and endless mode (infinite adventure, literally) and there’s a whole bunch of interesting cards to discover as well as the encounters. If you’ve ever enjoyed a good ol’ round of DnD, you’ll definitely enjoy HoF. Since it’s something good and since I’m only 4-5 hours into the game, I can’t give you more information because it’s fucking boring and making jokes is ten times harder. Fuck good things.


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