What became of once beautiful place we call “Internet”(Interweb?!)?

               justice warrior

To stress out before I insult half the internet and the entire tumblr goes on rampage after seeing this post, I consider myself to be a leech of society – meaning that I take what I’m given, eat it and then crap it out through my butthole. This lifestyle suits me, because, well … it just does. I get to do what I want without any responsibilities and it’s really fun living this life. Now onto the actual topic of this post.

For the past year, if not even more, our beautiful paradise called internet has been invaded with thousands of posts about sexism, feminism and all that kind of bullshit. I haven’t really touched onto any of these topics ever because I don’t like discussing them, but it’s starting to interfere with my leech-lifestyle. They want to change music, movies and games, and I ain’t allowing that shit. Nah, not on my watch! I live off of that! Come on!

For me, personally, the very basis of the term “equality” is just plain ol’ fucking stupid. It’s impossible. Every-single-body knows it, so why are they trying to “change” something about it? Every day you see a new post, or rather dozens of new posts, about how this guy did that and then in response how some girl did something and it just turns into a fucking flame war of keyboard armies that are probably enjoying the same lifestyle as me. If you’ve got time to bitch about the world on the internet, and pose problems on the fuck net, whose major population is boys and girls that don’t know jack shit about anything, and then you’re leeching – just like me. The difference? I’m admitting that I’m a fucking leech and I’m proud of it. Yes, I said it.

What’s my stance? I hate both parties. I hate literally everybody who bitches about social problems on the internet. Internet has got nothing to do with this shit. Go out there, in the real-iive-3D shithole and start fighting for whatever you think is “ideal world”. As I said, the very premise of the “equality” is just fucking bullshit. It’s only natural that physically hard-working jobs will be occupied with males, they say, so it should be only natural that high-paying, low-working office jobs should be occupied with women. It doesn’t fucking matter. Just find a whatever the fuck job and stop complaining. It ain’t societies fault that you majored in women’s right, or social studies or whatever. And guys who then decide to backlash on these bitches are even worse. Dude, she’s bitching about random topic on internet! On a goddamn internet! I’ve contradicted myself on the net so many times I’ve lost a count! This is a nest of self-proclaimed justice warriors, commanders of equality, fighters of freedom and fucking hammers of gods. They breed like shrooms after rain. You debunk one, fifty more will take his/hers place. So what do I do? Every time I see a stupid post, I yell atop of my voice: “OMFG GET A FUCKING LIFE” and then realize that I’m a hypocrite and move on. Nothing I can do about it. If she’s bothered by a guy who calls her “kitten” every morning, that’s their problem. I don’t give a fuck. Never have, never will.

Feminism, equalism, or whatever the fuck are these people calling it – these bullshit movements need to stop. World doesn’t need them. Internet doesn’t need them. Internet used to be a place where you can go on, chill for a couple of hours, have a few laughs on YT or some shit and then go out and do random shit around your house. Now? I open a YouTube, and every channel has some sort of a fucking discussion about something. Everybody is bitching about something. Literally no one is satisfied with something. Internet became this harbor of ships that are filled up with butthurt, self-unaware, leeching cunts that just keep spreading their fucking poison wherever I go. 9GAG, a website dedicated to humor and shit, spits at least 50 posts that reach trending A DAY about how feminism is bullshit, or how feminism is awesome. WHO THE FUCK CARES? You think you can change anything? You think women will suddenly come to stand atop of these powerful countries? No they fucking won’t. I won’t. No regular guy won’t. Those are run by families and that’s how they’ll be continued to run – like a fucking mafia. No outsider, be it a guy or a woman, will ever come close to ruling it. It’s not fucking sexism. It’s how this fucking world functions. Anything that matters is already closed to the public. You wanna be a CEO of a powerful country? Stop sitting on your sorry ass, speaking into a fucking camera and bitching about a guy who whistled at you, or a girl who said all guys are pigs, go outside and find something people are buying and build a fucking empire. Literally anybody can become famous nowadays. YouTube, Instagram, you fucking name it social website, if you invest time and are smart about it, you can earn hundreds of dollars a day if you play it okayish. Not even great, just okayish. But, if you’re earning those bucks by bitching endlessly, then I hope your account gets frozen and your ass gets thrown into jail for embezzlement.

As you may have understood from this post – I’m not siding with anyone. Both, or rather all sides are fucking stupid. They’re focusing their energy and time on the most retarded (yes, I said it) problems ever. So what if he whistled at you? WHO THE FUCK CARES?! DID HE TOUCH YOU?! NO! Just move the fuck on! So what if she called you a pig?! SHE’S ONE FUCKING GIRL! NOBODY SHOULD CARE! So why do we do? I think it mostly comes with the lack of shit that we’ve got going on in our lives. See, even though I’m a leech, my time is really filled up – playing games, watching movies, anime, listening to music, writing, writing for a blog, making AMV’s, watching funny stuff on YT, sometimes even going out for a coffee with my friends, and even though most of the things that I’m doing are useless, I’ve got no time to bitch about these things. You just gotta do the same – find something besides the bitching to occupy your time with. Otherwise, you’re just gonna drown in the self-obsession of “always being right” and self-proclamation of “justice warrior” or whatever the fuck you people are calling yourself.

Grow the fuck up. Literally.


3 thoughts on “What became of once beautiful place we call “Internet”(Interweb?!)?

  1. How exactly is the Internet NOT the real world? There are real people on the other side of the screen expressing real thoughts, real opinions, and often spending real money. I fail to see how the Internet is any less “real” than any other aspect of reality or life.

  2. Also, if you honestly believe that some people are “better” than others, and that “everyone knows it”, you may want to make a reality check. You != everyone, so what you think you know is not the same as what “everyone” knows. Perhaps while admitting to be a leech you may also want to come to terms with being ignorant.

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