The difficulties of writing a good comedy movie discussed in a totally unbiased way. Totally.

Eyeglasses don’t have eyes. Did you know that? I always enjoyed making bad puns. They somewhat bring life to usually boring or superficial topics, and for that very reason I decided to specialize in them, alongside sarcasm and dark humor. All of these things envelop me and make me, what society nowadays refers to as an ASSHOLE. How did we even come to call people assholes? Imagine the first guy who ever said it and what was going through his brain. ‘Wow, this guy is acting shitty … how can I respond … shitty … ass … ass has a hole: ASSHOLE!’ – takes a lengthy strain of thoughts, doesn’t it?  For the most part though humor is a subjective thing. What some people find funny some other people won’t. It’s not because that certain thing isn’t funny, it’s just because that other group has different humor standards. That’s why I never really tried to be a stand-up comedian I think. Or have anything to do with making jokes and making people laugh. It’s just too hard.

For instance, I was once hitting on this girl and said something to her along the following lines: “You are to me what a jumbo pizza is to a fat guy.” – then she went berserk because, apparently, she had this one fat friend. And I didn’t get laid. Finding that sweet-humor spot of people can be really difficult, that’s why I think that comedies are the hardest to make. Dramas, for the most part, have these certain, universally accepted norms like: Well, beating your kids is kind of horrible. Raping is also not nice. Shaming gay people is also not cool anymore. Cheating is also frowned upon. So they can kind of get away and get in more audience by just taking on one of these subjects and drilling them home. But, when it comes to humor, things aren’t as simple. A joke like: “Your manicured nails are gayer than the cast of Downtown Abbey.”, can effectively make some people laugh. Like those that don’t really care for gay population, or those that are just accepting of gayness. However, the other part of the joke, which somewhat shames Downtown Abbey might affect them for worse. There aren’t safe jokes anymore. Most consider the safe ones, like poop, fart and piss jokes to be just plain stupid and outdated, so you’ve gotta get creative. But, when you get creative, it gets hard to not insult a huge group of people. Like the banter between a man and a wife, where each side points stereotypes about the other, can piss off a lot of people. Good thing though is that majority of people that write comedy don’t give a fuck about offending someone. Like me, personally, if I think a certain joke is funny, I’ll either say it or write it, regardless of who it might offend – friend or foe. Still, that’s why you see the huge amounts of either hate it or love it relationships with most of the comedy movies, especially parodies. For instance, I personally love most part of the “Scary Movie” franchise as well as some other dumb movies, since I like dumb humor. It just sits well with me. Some people though prefer more subtle and intellectual humor and I respect that. However, as a writer of comedy (don’t get me wrong, I ain’t one of those, half-rhyming on accident) you are kind of forced to choose one or the other group since, if your try to mix and match, you might piss off both groups. It is a bit too broad to separate it into two groups, but it’s far easier on me than to list the different types of humor. Everyone has their own preferences and I think that’s the way it should be. Different types of humor mean different types of comedy movies. If I want anything in cinema, it’s huge diversity. True dat.


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