9 completely average anime for killing some time


Yo guys and welcomen. I tried to be German right there and probably failed horribly, whilst insulting one great Nazi nation. Oops, did it again. Anyway, this isn’t a list of spectacular gems, or hidden gems, or anything like that. It’s a list of completely average anime that aren’t so terrible you can’t sit through them, but aren’t so good either that you feel a complete need to finish them in one sitting. Just. Average. Something to kill yer’ time I guess. Oops, did it again. Shall we begin then? Hey, that fucking rhymed.

NOTE: Anime are in alphabetical order. Not any other kind.

FAIRY TAIL: A hell-bent deduction of cliches and over-done shounen feats forms itself in the form of Fairy Tail. Whether it’s the original or the 2014 sequel, you can find any and all established feats of shounen right here. Over the top characters, bad villians, bunch of fillers, over-drawn fights, etc. Think of Fairy Tail as a mentally handicaped child trying to learn physics; you know it’s bad, but you can’t stop laughing at it. For it’s worth, Fairy Tail does have some decent fights and characters, and maybe 1 good arc out of them all, but, regardless, if you’ve seen either Naruto, Bleach or One Piece, you’ve probably seen Fairy Tail. It’s predictable to the point where you feel like a fucking prohpet while watching it, there’s no blood, it’s riddled with fanservice and, most of all, literally no one from the main cast can die.

GANTZ: Gantz … is a weird one. If you like gore fests, then this one should be right up in your alley. It makes no sense, characters are annoying and unlikable, main antagonist is just fucking stupid, there’s little to no story over the course of 13 episodes and, all in all, it’s not that compelling. But, as I said, with the amount of gore this anime has, I found it to be decently enjoyable. There’s even some booby-feast for the male’s eyes, and, when push comes to shove, anime really doesn’t shy away from things. Yeah, most of the characters that die are bland and uninteresting and you couldn’t flip a single fuck for them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their eye-feasting deaths, imma right?

HIGH SCHOOL DXD: Do you like boobies? Do you like boobies of all shapes and sizes? Well then, you’ve chosen a right now. Albeit not unpopular, High School DXD, and its sequels, bear stigma of the most fanservicey (I hope that’s a word) anime out there at the moment. At least that’s well known. Girls are beautiful and clothing-optional, guys are standard anime perverts, the story is kinda whimsical and won’t really have a lasting impact on you, but, DAMN, those boobies. The anime does have one or two decent fights, but, let’s be honest here: if it weren’t for fanservice, would ANYONE watch this anime and enjoy it remotely? If you want to, you should catch up to two seasons now – third one is on on air.

KIMI NO TODOKE (ESPECIALLY SEASON 2): Despite being a guy, I do enjoy a good rom com from time to time, if for nothing but for chills. Not chills as in being cold, but chills as in … you know, chilling. Ugh, whatever. Kimi no Todoke is bad for one reason alone: IT’S SO FUCKING SLOW! I swear, there isn’t slower anime anywhere in the history of anime and manga. It’s dragged out for soooooo much, that I literally had to skip at least 3 episodes of season 2 because it became unbearable. Aside from that, if you just focus on comedy and not ANYTHING else, it can be a fun watch. However, be warned: if you think Naruto is slow-paced at some points, after watching Kimi no Todoke it’ll look like a fucking Falcon warping through hell and killing Jesus while at it.

MAGI: THE LABYRINTH OF MAGIC: We come to another entry that’s all about the adventure. Except the adventures are boring. Fights are weak. Story arcs are slow. But, despite all that, I had a decent time watching Magi. For the most part, it’s well-animated and drawn, humor is entertaining and there are a few breathtaking scenes here and there. Ending does kind of bring the show down immensely, but, aside from that, you can push through it without any alcohol. I really don’t suggest marathon because you’ll get bored fast – 25 episodes it has under its belt are awfully paced, and each episode will get progressively more boring as you push through it. Watch it like you’d watch Gintama: a couple of episodes a day, just for the kicks.

MAYO CHIKI!: Gender-bender comedy of non-sensical situations and borderline impossible encounters, with bits of fanservice here and there. Mayo Chiki, by all standards, is just another rom con, really, but it can be a good entry into a genre if you haven’t already burned through everything like any other mentally unstable and waiting to explode molester. Comedy is good, characters are decent, girls are pretty … what more can you ask? Oh, story? Nah. Plots? Nah. Soundtrack? Nah. While it may not be ground breaking in any sense of that word, it’s a good watch, if for nothing but to kill those 10 hours you have because you decided it’d be a good idea to quit your job and pursue your dreams. You fucking moron.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: Oh boy. I was really wondering whether I should include this one, but what the hell. Kanojo borders the line of bad and average, and it borders it pretty thickly if I may say so. It’s slow. Not Kimi no Todoke slow, but still damn slow. Relationships progress at snail-pace and character development is flat out bad. While it is humorous on more than one occasion, things that actually matter, like plot and characters, drag it down quite much. Still, as I said, this list is all about anime that aren’t UNBEARABLE to watch and are there just to kill some time for you and your sorry-ass unemployed dick. Girls are relatively pretty and you can learn some things about drawing manga, I guess, if you hadn’t watched Bakuman yet.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge: Fuck. I didn’t wanna do this one. Fuck. Ugh … what the hell. Let’s get it over with. I gave this Anime 6 and, while that may look high, it’s really not. This anime is NOT for guys, despite having almost a full cast of guys. This anime isn’t for girls, despite having almost a full cast of guys. While comedy is fun, and you’ll laugh out loud more times than one, EVERYTHING ELSE, and I mean FUCKING EVERYTHING, borders terrible. From art and animation to story and characters, you’ll feel like you’re being strung through the meat-grinder until your bones slowly start giving in and you feel a need to go back to your mother’s womb just ’cause. However, it’s not impossible to watch. As I said, humor does save it to a great extent, and each episode is full-packed with it. Just … don’t go in thinking this is a rom con. Just don’t.

ZERO NO TSUKAIMA: All the seasons of this anime are the same. I don’t wanna talk shit about it as much, because the writer died, but whatever. If you like abusive and insane tsundere characters where they kind of border the line of yandere, then this is a perfect fit for you. Lot’s of abusive comedy, some decent romance that get sidelined after each new season despite all the progress in the previous one, bland male lead that has like 1 decent moment in the entire anime, annoying female lead that can just represent everything I hate about women gender (tiny, no tits, no ass, annoying voice, terrible personality, self-centered whore; uhm, sorry, flashbacks). It does have some funny moments and decent action, so it’s not THAT hard to grind through it.

Anyway, that’s about it for this list guys. As you can see, I included both less-popular and more-popular anime on this list. That’s ’cause there are some people out there that are just starting and then there are some that had already given half their life to anime and are looking for something to re-watch because they need their weekly dose of animated porn. I’ll probably be making another list soon enough, so stay tuned if you’re interested. Cya until the next time then. (I can’t believe I just used ‘cya’ in a blog post)


8 thoughts on “9 completely average anime for killing some time

  1. I agree with most of the titles in your list, especially “Fairy Tail”. Watched it since it started but stopped around episode 70 or so because I. Just. Couldn’t. Go. On. Watching. It. Oh well. I’ll resume watching it again one of these days. I have to disagree with “Kimi no Todoke”, though. I think it’s well-paced actually, but I can understand how a guy may view it as slow. I don’t watch shoujo anime often because I prefer more action-packed shounen titles but “Kimi ni Todoke” is one of those rare ones that I genuinely enjoyed. Anyway, keep on watching anime and blogging. Cheers!

    1. Fortunately, I watched Fairy Tail way back when I just started watching anime so I was able to enjoy it more. A couple of months ago I tried to re-watch it, but nope.

      As far as Kimi goes, honestly, to me, 70% of the first season feels like a filler. Unfortunately, I went in with the mindset of “highly rated romance” and was expecting … well, romance, so it was kind of a big hit to me, albeit funny one, but a big hit nonetheless.

      Thanks for the reply, cheers 🙂

      1. That’s good. How many episodes have you watched before you gave up? Although I’ve met several people that say their favourite anime is “Fairy Tail”. I like it too, I guess, but it just doesn’t feel “awesome” for me. Oh well.

        I see. I guess part of the reason why I liked the “Kimi ni Todoke” anime first is because I read the manga first, so I was really looking forward to the anime. The pace of the anime may lead you to feel like its full of fillers, but the pace is actually much faster in the anime compared to the manga. Anyway, I’m not trying to force you to like it. It’s just interesting to hear other’s views on it.

        And you’re welcome. Cheers!

      2. I completed it and I’m still watching it simply because I’ve come so far so it’d feel like a waste to just drop it (I dropped manga long time ago though). I feel the same about ‘Fairy Tail’ – it’s a good entertainment, but nothing special really, even when at its peak.

        As for Kimi, I simply prefer faster romance (something like “Giant romance” that’s currently on-air if you’re watching it), but it did have some excellent humor all through (and of course Pedro, let’s not forget him).

        Same here, I’m often interested as to what people think of my favorite anime simply to see what it looks like from other perspective.
        Cheers 🙂

      3. I see. Same here. But I guess that just proves that people have their own different tastes in anime. . .which is good, as the difference makes for good & entertaining discussions.

        Well, at least you watch some romance anime even if you’re a guy. I don’t want to generalize, but most guys I encounter prefer shounen/seinen stuff, so it’s quite refreshing to hear that there are guys who also watch romance.

        No, I haven’t watched that series yet, but I’ll watch it eventually. My to-watch list is long, but I’m not in any hurry to watch all of them. Anyway, keep on watching anime.

      4. Haha, I’m not really selective when it comes to genres. If I think something is entertaining and good, I’ll watch it and enjoy it, regardless of the genre. When it comes to manga, I actually prefer light romance/shoujo/josei over shounen/seinen (for instance, Berserk & Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! being my favorite manga).

        My current plan-to-watch list is over 40 anime, and I fear that I probably won’t clear it for life (since I pick anime pretty much on random to watch, so PTW is there just for the sake of it being there, pretty much)

        Keep on watching anime as well and have a good time 🙂

      5. Nice. That’s similar to how I approach anime, as well–not caring about the genre, just whether it’s interesting or not. Interesting. As for me, my approach towards anime and manga are basically the same. I don’t really care much about the genre, just whether it’s interesting or not. What’s your #1 favourite romance manga? Or perhaps top 3?

        Oh well. You’ll watch all over 40 anime. . .eventually. 😀

        Anyway, thanks. You, too. Keep on watching anime. Cheers!

      6. Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! is probably my favorite shoujo manga, then Ore Monogatari!! and then Orange 🙂
        I gave up on clearing my PTW list ages ago, I just scroll through it nowadays if I’m looking for something 😀

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