Anime 2015 Spring short discussion – a quick fallout?!!

When the season first started, I felt like a kid on the huge field, with tons of balls, all to myself. In translation, I felt really happy. It looked to be one of the most promising seasons in a while, and I had hoped that I’d find at least 2-3 gems that would suck me in. I was more wrong than a 15 year old teenager when he (or she, not to be sexist) exclaims: “I KNOW WHATEVER YOU’RE TRYING TO TEACH ME! LEAVE ME ALONE!”

I was never big on the on-air anime and week-to-week viewings. I prefer to either marathon the whole goddamn thing, or to at least know it’s all completed. But, each season, I’d pick 1 or 2 most interesting anime and stick with them until the end: this time around, I chose fucking 7. Fucking. Seven. Yeah, I know: what the hell was I thinking? As for the time to watch, it really isn’t the issue – it’s the quality. So, let’s begin.

For the most part, first episodes all went well – well, except Diamond no Ace. Season ended literally a week ago, and they decided to do 3 recap episodes. They may as well go to the fucking hell. Even the second episodes, for the most part, were well-done, but, after the 3rd one, I already felt like dropping half of what I’m following. Let’s list it all and discuss briefly:

Shokugeki no Souma


This one didn’t disappoint me – what’s more, I actually decided to catch-up on manga because I couldn’t wait and I’m still looking forward to each episode. It’s a great cooking shounen with lots of humor, interesting characters (and conflicts, especially later on) and some pantsy shots for all the loving boys out there. As many people, I honestly didn’t even want to watch it, but a friend recommended I do, so I did, and now I’m in his debt. Never listen to your friends guys. They’re fucking cruel.



Holy smokes did I like the first two episodes. I had thought it’d become my favorite show of the season. Although it never did, mostly because … well, it went full-on predictable and cliche mode, I’m still finding it rather interesting and will probably finish it off without any problems. Lots of decent action, humor, interesting characters, great art-style, decent animation, good soundtrack – all in all, will probably end up being a solid 7.

Ore Monogatari!!


TOO CUTE. TOO FUCKING CUTE. FK OFF. Best show of the season by far. Best bromance, best waifu, Madhouse. ‘Nuff said. Go watch.

Owari no Seraph


Having read the manga, I never REALLY looked forward to it. However, manga has some really amazing action, and that’s pretty much the only thing I’m looking forward to. It’s basically SnK with vampires and Naruto/Sasuke bullshit complex. Yeah.

Anyway, those are the ones that I’m actively watching – meaning waiting for the episodes to come out. As for the others, I’ll probably complete them all (Kekkai Sensen, Denpa Kyoushi, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku (after the first season, the 2nd one so far is just a fucking clusterfuck of random bullshit drama that nobody wanted. Fuck this shit), Yamadakun to Nananin no Majo, Kyoukai no Rinne (this is more generic than the definition of the word generic. No, seriously.), Arslan Senki (I’m still interested in this one, but it appears as if the story is important aspect, so I’ll probably wait for it to end)), but now I’m just kind of turned off from most of them. Spring season turned out to be quite average, unfortunately, and having so much potential, it’s just freaking sad. Half the shows turned into cliche clusterfucks and while the production still keeps most of them up, as someone who really don’t give a fuck how stuff moves, the aspects that actually matter really stand out to me. Hopefully they can pick it up and finish strong and prove me wrong in the end. There’s really nothing more that I want from the world of anime – entertain me and I’ll love you. Like Edward would say, gotta give to take (I feel horrible for not remembering the actual quote, sorry Fullmetal fans).

Anyway guys, thank you for reading and go balls-to-the-walls with anime – I will for sure.


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