Top Anime Quotes That May Or May Not Actually Be Top

If you’ve ever sat down and watched an anime or two, you may have noticed that, on occasion, someone will spit out a line that makes you go “Whoa!” – and then someone will spit out a line that makes you go “Uhm … nop”. Truly, it is as any other form of entertainment; there are quotes that awaken your quench for more, and then there are quotes that make you stop watching anime for half a year. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like killing myself, so I’ll not be talking about shitty quotes from shitty anime this time around – I’ll be putting down some good ones, that may or may not make you wanna watch ‘just one more episode’. I can’t fathom how many times I’ve heard a quote in anime and said to myself “I’ve gotta remember this shit!” instead of writing it down; luckily, there are people out there far less lazy than me, who put their hearts and souls into creating an environment where you can just read quotes all day long. It helps, really, because two hours in you’ll learn about sixty-nine ways to say “Hope is for the weak”. No, seriously, it’s kind of disgusting just how many quotes depicting the same subject are said in different manner. It’s kind of heart-breaking to be honest.

Anyway, enough with the overly long opening paragraph that does absolutely nothing to establish the tone of this post, nor does it provide any satisfactory introduction into what already seems like a dull discussion nobody sane would dare finger. Yay, I made a dirty joke. Being fifteen again sure feels great.

Note: Quotes aren’t in any order since this isn’t “Top 10 Anime Quotes of All Time” and instead it’s like the title suggests: “Top Anime Quotes That May or May Not Actually Be Top”. Why the flipping fuck did I write it that way … oh well.

Some are not anime and are only manga quotes, but who gives a shit. Let’s start this fuckblast already.

Okay, not yet, but soon – I promise! First I wanna lay out a few self-made, completely unnecessary rules that will somehow “balance” shit out, and that no one really ever asked for.

  1. Max of infinite quotes per anime
  2. Max of infinite quotes per character
  3. No repeating the same subject

Now, seriously, here we go:

“The worst part about being strong is that no one ever asks you if you’re okay.”

Accelerator – ‘To Aru Majutsu No Index’

            Self-explanatory quote, really, and a rather good one since it can be applied to a whole buttload of things, not just physical strength.

“You came into my life as a story, you left as a legend.”

Reborn – Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

            Fuck that sounds badass, like holy shit man.

“If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick.”

Oreki Houtarou – ‘Hyouka’

            Quote of the year for the lazy fucks such as myself.

“The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don’t wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did.”

Jellal Fernandes – Fairy Tail

            Pompous quote, but fuck it, no less true anyway. So, if you wanna be good person, go outside and let others break you and make you feel like a piece of shit. Great advice.

“If you think music is only made of sounds, you’re mistaken. Silence is also a part of music.”

Kunio Yaobi – Tamako Market

            Finally, someone fucking said it. Good job Kunio-san.


“The only people who say that money doesn’t matter in this world are the ones with lots of it.”

Takasugi Shinsuke – Gintama

            Truer words have never been spoken!

“People’s feelings are memories that transcend time.”

Kurisu Makise – Steins;Gate

            O yeah boys, we’re entering the realm of ‘damn it sounds cool, but it’s also infinitely stupid at the same time’ quotes. Prepare your balls – I mean your eyes, ‘cause you’re gonna cum – I mean cry a lot!

“Even if no one else in the world believes you, stick out your chest and scream in defiance!”

Rukia Kuchiki – Bleach

            Fuck yeah! You go girl! (seriously tho, don’t do this, you’ll get fucking arrested and fuck up your life beyond repair)

“Feelings of romantic love are, in the end, just some chemical reaction. Under the right condition, they occur no matter who the other person is.”

Kaoru Yamazaki – Welcome to the N.H.K.

            Man what a load of – wait … that’s actually … right. Wow. Fuck yeah!

“If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then live beautifully until the end.”

Gintoki Sakata – ‘Gintama’

            No funny remarks required; simply one of my favorite, out of many, Gintama quotes.

“Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean they are bad people, it means they’re human.”

Kishou Arima – Tokyo Ghoul

            Uh, good … I’m still a human. Thanks man!

“Hell is in human heart.”

Ai Enma – ‘Jigoku Shoujo’

Beautiful words spoken by a beautiful babe. Even though she’d probably butcher my dick into pieces and then burn it to ash, I’d still hit on her.

“Those who know despair, once knew hope. Those who know loss, once knew love.”

Ulquiorra Schiffer – ‘ Bleach’

            Leave it to Japs to create names you won’t be able to pronounce even if you’re a world-renowned genius. Congrats.

“Man, kids these days. They think it’s a competition to have the most friends. One is enough. Find someone completely unique.”

Yato – ‘Noragami’


“The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.”

Koro-sensei – ‘Assassination Classroom’

            This one actually inspired me to make this post. So kudos.

“When extremes are reached, evil turns to virtue.”

Riki – ‘Ai no Kusabi’

            That’s actually kinda terrifyingly true …

“If you’re going to hide a tree, put it in the forest.”

Frau – ’07 Ghost’

            You can’t find what can’t be found! Yeah … I’m not cut out for this.

“Anyone can die. It’s living that requires courage.”

Kenshin Himura – ‘Rurouni Kenshin’

            Be bold and brave, and they one day fuck up and die. True, true, true.

“The things we can’t obtain are the most beautiful ones.”

Gilgamesh – ‘Fate/Stay Night’

            I’ll be riding Gilgamesh’s dick a lot in this post, so just a heads up.

“The fastest way to happiness is to avoid looking at reality.”

Ame Ochibana – ‘Denpa teki na Kanojo’

            Oooh, so that’s why I’m so happy despite being an utter loser! Thanks Ame-chan!

“If you’re not remembered, then you never existed.”

Lain Iwakura – ‘Serial Experiments Lain’

            As depressing as SEL is on its own in the whole, I still consider this to be a striking point for me when it came to the show. Fucking cumbusted writers. Goddamn them.

“Even if the world line changes, as long as you don’t forget me, I’m there.”

Kurisu Makise – ‘Steins;Gate’

            Man, for a tsundere, Kurisu really spits out some bold lines. Fuck, I almost wrote bald there. Oh well.

“A rose will be born a rose. Different soil and water wouldn’t change it into a different flower.”

Aozaki Touko – ‘Kara no Kyoukai’

            But what if you ‘accidentally’ switched out seeds and no one realized it and then instead of rose there was a growing pile of steaming crap coming from the ground? Now that’s what I call miracle my friends.


“’Hero of justice? A world where no one is hurt?’ Don’t be absurd. ‘Humanity’ is the name for an animal that cannot find joy in life without sacrifice. The pretty lie that is ‘equality’ is nonsense spouted by weaklings who cannot look upon the darkness. Nothing but an excuse to cover up life’s ugliness.”

Gilgamesh – Fate/stay Night

            Ride it baby ride!

“All dreams must disappear when the dreamers wake.”

Gilgamesh – ‘Fate/Zero’

            Harder! Harder!

“Ephemeral and brilliant one, fall to my embrace. That is my decision.”

Gilgamesh – Fate/Zero


“We ultimately fear what spawns from within us.”

Shun Aonuma – ‘Shinsekai Yori’

            Like that huge dump you’ve been delaying for a week. Ouch. Good luck man. I mean it.

“The heart becomes stretched and dented and repaired over time, and with one glance, you’d be able to tell your own from others.”

Kraft Lawrence – ‘Spice and Wolf’

            If anyone, for some ungodly reason, is still wondering ‘What does the FOX say?’, watch this animu. Fox says a lot of things, mostly half-naked and all cutesy-like. Then she turns into a god, rapes your eyes and scars you forevermore.

“I shall grieve and I shall weep. But I shall never regret.”

Rider – ‘Fate/Zero’

            Can we just step back for a moment and realize just how cooler characters from Fate/Zero are? Like holy shit. Well, except Saber. She sucks either way.

“People are mirrors. If you smile, a smile will be reflected.”

Zeno – ‘Akatsuki no Yona’

            Can we just agree that Yona is a little bitch and HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK is a god that deserves equally amazing goddess? We can? Ok, great.

“No matter how strong, for a human to fight a monster means he has submerged his humanity and transformed himself into a greater monster.”

Schierke – ‘Berserk’

            You could say he’s become … a dumpster. Because, uhm, he trashed his humanity and, uhm, dumpster rhymes with monster and … uhm … ok, I’ll stop now.

“If I were the rain that bind together the earth and sky, who in all eternity will never mingle, would I be able to bind the hearts of people together?”

Inoue Orihime – ‘Bleach’

            For the entire filler bash it gets, Bleach does have so great quotes. Now if only the dude knew how to write a story worth a fuck and characters you don’t want to pummel to the grave.

I think this is where I’ll wrap it up guys. I might do another one eventually, since there really is a whole ocean of great anime quotes out there, despite also being a whole ocean of terrible ones. I tried to mix-and-match and somewhat avoid tapping the same topics (and trust me, you have no idea just how many ‘Oh, don’t judge by the looks’ ‘Hope is all we have’ ‘Friendships define us’ quotes there are out there), but I might have fucked up someplace. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and found one or two you liked. ‘Till next time buckets of shit.


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