[WebNovel] – The God of Lyn – Chapter 7

Ara, ara, we’re slowly moving forward! I’ve also started drawing some terrible, utterly ugly reference paintings to somewhat accompany the story, so I’ll start uploading them soon. I hope you guys enjoy the story and feedback is appreciated 🙂



The armies raged across the vast plains, and within a singular moment of silence, the steel and iron struck sparks that ignited the world. In the resonance, the world had slowly died.” – Y.Y., ‘Faithless’, Year 38 of Moon-Lyn Calender

As the old Aggard promised, the materials for building mine contraptions waited for Eon immediately the day after. Sighing, he slowly started instructing the men around as to what to do while carefully observing. Why did he agree to this? He could have just killed them and moved on. This is so boring, he thought as he watched engrossed faces of youth creating something so basic Eon nearly laughed. He didn’t wish to take part in politics, in fights between Nobles and princes and Kings. That was a wayward story that had nothing to do with him, yet, one way or another, he had become a part of the grander structure. He wanted to cry, but his eyes were dry. He had hoped to kill his ever-growing boredom by playing a well-acclaimed VRMMORPG, and yet here he was, doing things three times as boring as everything he did in his old life. What’s even the point?

Three days later the contraptions were completed and the mining operation was started up again. Delighted, many miners came to thank him in person; not only was their labor halved, but the risk of dying was also lowered. Eon greeted them all with a smile on his face while boiling inside. Isn’t the point of fantasy games to be able to do things otherwise impossible? Why the hell am I teaching people how to mine then, for God’s sake?

However much he complained inside, he still didn’t reject Aggard’s invitation to a banquet held in his name. Most of the Kingdom, Nobility included had no idea who the sudden ‘Clay Longsun’ was. The chatter emerged quickly and it spread throughout the Noble circles faster than wildfire. All the while, Eon stayed in Lyon’s mansion. However much Eon despaired, that much Lyon rejoiced, if not more. Ever since his birth he had never claimed a significant victory over other princes and Nobility – never until today. His father had gifted him fifty Knights as a reward, and he’ll be able to select a treasury item after the banquet! He continuously thanked Eon, yet the other party simply ignored him. Lye and Elain, on the other hand, were just as disinterested as Eon. After all, they had seen the contraptions back in Dusk Village, and they reaped no rewards from Eon’s endeavor, so they just silently trained. Lye still hadn’t disclosed his advancement to Elain so she became increasingly agitated while Lye beat her, round after round.

The banquet was held in the ‘Phoenix Mansion’, as Phoenix was Lyon’s surname and mansion was named after the lineage. In the main banquet hall hundreds of people gathered, King and Queen included, as they nervously anticipated arrival of the proclaimed genius, Clay Longsun. They had already prepared large sums of gold in order to woo him to their side in hopes he has more useful contraptions. The hall resonated with chatter and blinding light, with hundreds of chairs placed about dozens of large tables filled with food and drinks. One had to say, Nobility didn’t spare coin when it came to celebrations.

Even Eon, as he entered the large hall, was rather surprised. He was forced to wear adorned robes that made him rather uncomfortable. Throughout the banquet he tried to avoid talking with others, but oftentimes he was forced. He tried his best to be as flattering as possible and to have the shortest conversations. However much they tried to breach, Eon rejected firmly, as he had zero intention of lingering in this city now that he found out how his life would be.


Hundreds of people gathered in a large, open room with three raised platforms in front. All wore simple, black robes that covered both their faces and their bodies. The entire room was lunged in silence, save from the sparks of flames that came from torches hung on the walls. The light was scarce, but to these people darkness wasn’t a limitation of sight: these were Mages deeply invested in Black Magic, after all.

Atop the three platforms stood three indistinct figures; if put with the rest, they wouldn’t stand out at all. Yet, if observing the atmosphere, one could easily depict that their attention was focused solely on the trio at the top. The three were all Diamond rank practitioners of magic and the strongest in the entire circle. Unrivaled, they stood atop the chain of power and bathed in it. The one in center, best known as ‘Black Tongue’ to the outside world, was at the peak of Diamond ranks, with Four Stars, soon to break through. This entire plan was cultivated in order for him to do so: to become one of the very few elite to have ever ascended into Amnesty ranks and obtain magic to control life and death at will.

Dear Acolytes,” the man in the middle spoke with deep voice. He was in his late forties, but because he practiced Black Magic, he looked like a teenager. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for gathering in such great numbers.”

As per order of the Great One.” the hundred and some people replied in unison, their voices slightly shaking the ground.

Three days from now, the Harvesting of the Death will fall upon us,” the man continued. “As per legends, it is the only time when a Black Magus can ascend to Dark Magus. I require your assistance in this matter, as the ascension requires not only mere sacrifice of Noble blood, but also of several powerful beings. It will be extremely grievous task, but you will all be well compensated for it.” he suddenly took out three tomes, wrapped in luscious light, glimmering in the dark. It was bright teal, and tomes seemed to be rather old, with odd runic characters running through their covers. “Each of you will be given Tome of Undying. By studying it, you’ll be able to learn how to summon vast variety of undead beings as the strength of the spell increases. The three with greatest contribution will be awarded Tome of Veneer. With this, you’ll be able to change your appearance on the fly, to such detail that no one will be able to recognize you. And, at last, the one with the greatest contribution will be given the precious Tome of our entire sect: Tome of Bloodlust.” upon hearing the name, hundred and some people let out a gasp; never before, in the history of the sect, was anyone outside the Head allowed to learn it. This was, truly, a special occasion. “Upon studying it, you will be able to achieve immortality by sacrificing the living – endless life, boundless opportunities! In addition, the person who is given the tome will be granted a position of Elder within the sect, regardless of their current position!”

‘Sect of the Damned’ was a rarely known sect within the Kingdom of the Lost. Most of its members kept low profiles and rarely exposed their affiliation. Most of the information associated with them disclosed that they enjoyed practicing Black Magic, but no one truly inquired about them. Because of this, they were able to carefully lay out their plans for the biggest event in the sect’s history; after all, for the first time, a member of theirs was to ascend to Amnesty ranks, reserved only for the greatest of souls in the world!

‘Black Tongue’, privately known as Yarrn, was delighted at the reaction; after all, tome and position were just useless items for him. If he ascends to Amnesty, he’ll finally be able to shine light upon his sect! Until now they stayed hidden because Black Magic was relatively useless in combat if they hadn’t laid proper preparations. However, with Amnesty powers, he’ll be able to unleash full prowess of Black Magic without boring runes and inscriptions! His life-long dream was finally about to come true, and he knew there was no one to stop him!


Eon had finally gotten away from the banquet thrown in his name. Elain and Lye joined him while Lyon still remained, undoubtedly delighted at the sudden power he attained. He finally had enough time to look through the rewards he was given for completing contraption; silver armor with threads of gold and several inscriptions laid upon it, as well as similar shoulder pads, boots, leggins and gauntlets. It looked like a complete set and radiated success. In addition, he was given a sword – long and sturdy, created by melting several different ores and combining them into a singular being. It had odd, gray color with several others glimmering under right angles. It was one and a half meters long and looked extremely durable. Upon closer inspection, something stunned Eon briefly; above each item, a window popped up suddenly displaying their stats – as if it was the game! For the first time, an actual mechanic of the game he was supposed to be playing appeared in full before him.

Armor of the Silver Knighthood (Legendary)

Durability: 260/260
Defense: 93
Magic Defense: 131
Strength + 60
Health + 20%
Agility + 10
Recognition + 25
Requirements: Friendly or higher with Nobility of Dawnfae / Strength 100

Just like the armor, most other pieces of the set had similar stats, usually slightly lower. It appeared that this world recognized a large variety of stats, beyond the basic ones. Recognition caught his eyes mostly, as it probably had to do with how famous he was; depending on it, Eon predicted either prices will be lower or tasks will be easily attainable. Perhaps even some special favors can be given to him depending on the high amount.

He then inspected the sword, whose stat window was much larger than the armor’s.

Sword of Desolation (Unique)

Carefully crafted from seven different types of ores, under the hard eye of Master Blacksmith, the sword radiates different hues as it clashes with different beasts. Unique in its design, there is no other like it across the four Continents.

Durability: ‘Cannot be broken’
Physical Damage: 316
Elemental Damage: 10% of total strength of the user
Strength: + 90
Attack speed: – 10%
Agility: – 10
Recognition: + 50
Charisma: – 20
Damage to Human Race: + 20%
Damage to High Races: – 50%
Requirements: Revered or higher with Kingdom of Lost Nobility / Strength 150 / Intelligence 50

Sword’s stats completely stunned Eon. What the hell is this overpowered item? Also, what the hell are High Races? This sword is completely useless against them! Ugh … this freaking game.

Despite his complaints, Eon was quite happy to have gotten such useful items. After all, his gear up until now was beyond pathetic, even if his base stats compensated for it. He took a deep breath and took another look at his stats; surprisingly to him, suddenly a stat window of his character appeared in the darkness of his eyes. He nearly opened his eyes in surprise, but he kept them closed.

Name: Clay Longsun

Race: Fallen

Level: 17

Title: N/A



Affiliation: Dawnfae



Position: N/A



Recognition: Known



Job: N/A

Magic Defense


Base Class: Warrior



Advanced Class: Berserker



Legendary Class: N/A




P. Damage



M. Damage














Now that he looked at his overall stats objectively, he didn’t think that, at least in game world, he was that overpowered. After all, his race, Fallen, primarily dealt with strength and were best soloist in the game. Most of his other stats, although higher, because of the newly acquired armor he equipped, were still rather average. Then it’s just that the NPC’s are utter crap?! Or did I spawn in the utmost bottom of beginner areas? Then there might be other players who’ve also been transported here!

His thoughts briefly shifted to the priest who came to Dusk Village several days before Eon’s arrival to announce it. But because he still didn’t have means of tracking the said priest, he put it into the back of his mind yet again. The playtime with Nobles wasn’t as wasted after all; if there are other players here, then they should have similar base stats to his, if not higher. He needs to go out and hunt, in order to increase his levels. Before that, though, he’ll have to head back to Dusk Village to lay down future plans. But, for now, he simply enjoyed silence and relaxed.


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